Will return your investment at 100% interest in 6 months guramteed

Will return your investment at 100% interest in 6 months guramteed Claimed

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What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

This investment opportunity is a no brainier for someone with someone who has some extra cash that wants to let it work got them.

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I have an idea for an invention that I have submitted to 2 invention forms and both of them had a fit for, I have paid to have patent research done and there is nothing else like it on the market, one firm predicted the licensing to sell for 10 million dollars. I'm not asking for money to pursue the invention, I have the funds for that secured. There is a professional crowd funding firm called Inventure X that raises money for good ideas, and startups they think have potential. They only do 12 crowdfunds a year and get thousands of applications. I applied and the agreed to raise a half a million dollars for my idea. (They usually raise double their goal) The only thing is they want you to have a marketing budget of 15 to 30k on stand by, and I do not have it.If anyone would want to partner in this whole endeavor or fund that marketing campaign, I will either split profits or pay them back double what they let me borrow as soon as the crowd fund is finished.

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