1. Is browsing the offer on the site free of charge?

Using our service, both browsing through published offers and accessing contact details, are services paid for according to the price list - https://gaininvestors.com/pricing

2. How much is the cost for listing a classified?

Cost of publication for 1 month - 9.99 USD

Cost of publication for 3 months - USD 19.99

3. What needs to happen in order for a classified to be public?

Would you like to post your classified on our site? They will be published immediately upon creation. However, at a later date, the classifieds will be verified for content, along with category and Terms & Conditions compliance. In situations where the classified is deemed to be non-compliant, the user will receive an e-mail notification stated that the classified cannot be published as is and will need to be modified.

4. Why has my classified not been published?

At the end of each successful publication, the user will receive an automatic e-mail notification from our server. If the user had edited the classified, but it has not appeared on our website and/or you have not received a notification, it is possible that:

  • The user’s classified violated a law
  • The classified violated our Terms & Conditions policy,
  • The classified is deemed to fall under a different theme than our website, which has to do with capital investments such as: buying and selling of companies, commercial properties, seeking investors or business partners,
  • You had provided inaccurate contact information,
  • The content of the classified was too general in nature, did not contain the minimum text, did not provide sufficient information, was not edited by you, etc.
  • You had violated the Privacy Policy and the user was blocked.
5. What are the characteristics of properly edited classifieds?

A properly edited classified should carry the following characteristics:

  • Shows signs of careful consideration and thorough editing skills
  • Contains the most important information and parameters required by the reader
  • Mentions the product or service
  • Contains financial information (investment worth, price, investment readiness etc.).


The questions contained in the questionnaire aid in creating a valuable classified. Each classified should contain the following:

  • The brand positioning and recognition in the industry,
  • Achievements,
  • General information regarding the owner’s experience,
  • Some financial date (projections or historical),
  • Characteristics of typical of companies that stand-out in the industry

Before you begin editing your classified, it is recommended that the user looks at other similar classifieds posted on our site. The manner in which the classified is worded and formatted has an influence on the success of the classified- the level of precision and thought put into the editing process, the higher the likelihood of finding a potential client.

6. What information attracts the investor?s attention?

When editing your offer, it is worth considering the preferences of potential investors. You should consider what information will attract and interest a potential investor. It is not easy because each investor has their own requirements; however, all information provided should be factual and realistic. Users that lie or provide unrealistic information will become shunned and will not attract offers.  

7. How do I ensure security of the provided information and how not to post it on the site?

When providing information in the classified the user should take security precautions as they will be visible to all users. Which is why you should be cautious. If you wish to not share certain data, you may contact us to have your classified appear under our logo. The specifics will be discussed on an individual basis.

8. What is classified provided by?

The statement “classified provided by” means that more information regarding the classified will be provided by the posting party hired by the client (brokers, advisors, banks, third party, etc.) This type of option ensures the anonymity of the party, comfort, as well as relieves the party from having to answer to each interested party.

9. What can I do if I have more questions or concerns?

In case of questions or concerns please contact us. We will answer all questions. In order to have your questions or concerns addressed, please use the “contact” form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

10. Terms & Conditions Acceptance

One of the requirements for being able to register and use of the website is the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions policy.

11. How to list on Gain Investors

Good morning,

Please add an ad on our website. You can do so by following the steps below.

Create an account/login

  1. After logging in, in the upper right corner there are buttons "add ad" or "add investment" - select one of them
  2. Step I - select the appropriate section
  3. Step II - select a category that interests you
  4. Step III - complete all fields (with each question, you will find a clue)
  5. Step IV - fill in all your contact details and then click on. The advertisement will be checked and published.
  6. Your advertisement is ready, you can print it, save it as a PDF or share it on Facebook.

If you need further help, let me know and I will be happy to help.


12. Do you really have investors?

Yes, we really have investors! The fact that you can't see "I'll invest" ads is not due to the fact that investors don't look at our service, but because 90% of startup correspondence consists of one sentence - "Need funding for my business" or "Hello I need five thousand dollars". It's not serious.
Nobody wants to be spammed (you can't call it that), that's why nobody replies to such emails and doesn't read such announcements.
If the description of your business consists of one sentence, it's no wonder that nobody shows interest.
Write a good, specific ad - links to instructions here: https://gaininvestors.com/faq point 5


13. Do you have real investors?

Yes, we have real investors. We make great efforts to verify potential investors or start-ups.
Nevertheless, we can't guarantee 100% that you won't be contacted by a fraudster.
The Internet is full of swindlers and it would be naive to think that Gaininvestors.com will get past this scourge.
That's why it is so important to use common sense and prudence when tutoring - instruction here https://gaininvestors.com/blog/Funding-Tips-9/271-How-to-sign-a-fair-contract-with-the-investor.html https://gaininvestors.com/blog/Funding-Tips-9/268-How-not-to-be-cheated-by-an-investor.html

14. I was contacted by a scammer! - What to do about it?

If you think you've encountered an attempted fraud, let us know. It is imperative that you share this information with us!
There's a "Report Scammers" icon next to every ad. - to quickly report such events.
Click on it, describe who wrote to you and what. We will verify your account, and if your concerns prove to be true, we will block the fraudulent account - thanks to your vigilance, we will protect other GainInvestors.com users.