About us

Gaininvestors began with the idea of connecting business people- those who are already in it, those who wish to venture into it, as well as those who wish to share their knowledge, experiences, and capital.  

Gaininvesters unites people possessing unique and innovative ideas for a business with investors whom seek out projects in which they would like to invest in by leveraging their own capital.

It is important for us, as the middleman, that our users are united in a long-term and fruitful business relationship, one that will bring in financial returns for both sides. When building our platform, we aimed at providing a clear and effective search option- for both the investor and the entrepreneur behind the project seeking funding. 

The form for presenting the business idea is composed of a few key questions and, based on this detailed summary, the investor will be provided with an opportunity to decide whether to invest in this particular project.

The search for investments section is also easy. The investor can search for projects, narrowing down by specific categories, and contact the entrepreneur behind the project that catches his interest. We would like to aid in the business growth and development process, as well as help young entrepreneurs materialize their visions. On the other hand, we would also like to give an opportunity for business people to allocate their capital in potentially profitable projects that will bring in returns and growth.

If you believe that you belong to one of these categories of people, Gaininvestors is the place for you. Don’t wait and join today! „Sell” your idea by adding to our classifieds section or find the investment that you would like to invest in.


Our Team


Wojciech Janowski

General Manager

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Agnieszka Grzanka

Project Manager

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Michał Cichocki

Marketing Manager

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