Start-up money

There are several models of financing business by clients, that have been defined by John Mullins from London Business School.

Selling a business, looking for a partner, looking for an investor... There are really a lot of ideas available, but financing models are solutions thanks to which you can earn money if

your ideas are really

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Meticulously set a budget and create an action plan to reduce investment risk — must-haves for the any savvy investor

Investing, like other areas of knowledge, is an ambiguous and complex subject. However, with a bit of enthusiasm and time, it can be explored. Therefore, before you take big risks and invest money, you should have a detailed knowledge of the subject, define your budget and a precise plan of action. Because only such a sensible approach will reduce the risk

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How to sell a business

The “How to” sell a business.

By Gain Investors Staff So you’ve made it big, or not, and are now looking for advice on how to sell your business. Well, first thing first: no sentiments. Your business, your baby sort of speak, is not as valuable to others as it is to you. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. The first thing you should be asking

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Why Invest In a Startup?

The reasons startups are actually worth the risk and what you can do to increase your chances of seeing returns. By Gain Investors’ Staff There are many small reasons why you should not invest in startups, but a few key, very valid, and important reasons why you should. Surely, you have heard someone say “it’s too risky”, “you will lose all of your

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Angel Investing: Startup Companies

What Angel Investors need to remember before investing in start-ups. By Gain Investor Staff Every investor wants to find the next big hit, such as Facebook, prior to it making a buzz on the market. Many investors will also say that investing in start-ups is much like gambling or buying a lottery ticket; you take the chance that you will hit the

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How to write a business plan

The overwhelming feeling of creating a business plan cripples some of us. Business plans, as viewed by business majors, is the most work-involved, compiled piece of work they will most likely ever have to write. Business plans, though, do not have to be hard to create. They are actually quite easy to put together once you have all of the information you

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