We invite you to invade AIRDANCE APP !!! # let’s dance a million together!!!

We invite you to invade AIRDANCE APP !!! # let’s dance a million together!!! Claimed

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What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

AIRDANCE is the largest dance platform in the world. In the first year of operation year, we
established a stable position on the market, becoming a tycoon in the industry. The key aspects that
allow us to build our advantage include: staff consisting of icons of the dance world, multiple world
champions and popular educators, LIVE format lessons (available also after the lesson in the
application archive) more effective and efficient transfer of knowledge, availability determined by low
subscription cost from $9.99 - $29.99 per month. The recipients of the product are both novice
dancers as well as those with greater experience.

How should the idea/business earn money?

We currently have 8000 regular paying subscribers, and this number is growing every month. The
business reach is international statistics show that the recipients reside in 76 countries. The business
makes money on each subscription, so expanding our reach directly translates into increased
revenue. We are keen to grow even faster. After careful analysis, we realize that the ideal market for
AIRDANCE is China, with almost 36 million registered dancers. Launching the application on this
market would allow us to increase the value of the company, which at the moment amounts to 50
million PLN even several times. To speed up the introduction of the application on the Chinese
market, we have decided to tokenize the company and launch a cryptocurrency called DANCE coin.
We have put 10% of these digital assets into circulation.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

Running business

What do you need?

We need capital for: preparation of the AIRDANCE application adapted to the Chinese market, legal
service of the business and establishing partnerships with local entities. As technology and innovation
are in the DNA of our operations, we decided to open the world of dance to cryptocurrencies and
allow everyone to become an investor in our start-up. The investor purchases tokens, which are the
equivalent of shares. The value of one token is 5 PLN (the minimum package is 20 tokens). The
investment brings a constant passive income, because the holder earns token on each monthly
subscription, in proportion to the value of tokens held. Holding tokens in a POS savings account
allows the investor to receive cashback depending on the number of active subscribers. Monetization
of the investment will be possible from June 6, when the secondary market on the Polish exchange
kanga.exchange starts, through which you can exchange DANCE COIN for PLN, USD, EURO or other

Amount for investment