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What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

Line of Activity: Importing Disposable Sweat based & Hygiene based Products from China & Trading in India through Online & Offline markets. Detailed Project Report 1. Elevator Pitch. A quick one-liner summary that combines your vision/product and the mission of your company Vision Statement: Grow and Create Value in our business and establish global leadership in Disposable & Hygiene Products Industries. We can inspire every individual with our products. Mission Statement: Contribute to society through the development of superior and high-quality products. 2. Market Approach & Strategy: How you grow your business. Where are your customers looking today and finding help? 90% Online Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., 10% Offline Shopping malls Where will you get in front of them? Through online shops like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, Indiamart, Facebook etc., Offline supply to stores. How will you achieve your target growth rates? By giving promotional ads in online Medias. In Offline - Leaflets, danglers & posters. Name of the Company: Garment Guard Industries Type of Constitution: Pvt. Ltd (Proposed) Trade Mark: FreshEver (Registered with Trademarks Department of Government of India. Trade Mark No. 2483465) Date of Incorporation: 12.12.2012 Address Office: 52/18, 1st Cross Street, B.V.Nagar, Pazhavanthangal, Chennai - 600 114 Tamilnadu, India. Phone: +91-9940285403, +91-9551285403

How should the idea/business earn money?

1. What are the most important and unique channels and methods you will use to find and win customers? 1st choosing the Unique Products. 2nd Brand name : FreshEver. 3rd Preference : Priority to Ladies Customers How are you doing it differently than others in the space? Our products are different. Focusing on customers requirement. 2. Business Model: Key Revenue Streams. Who is your primary customer & how do you make money ? Ladies First. Always Cash & Carry. 90 days credit facility to offline Stores. What is the pricing / model? Depends on the sizes and quantity purchased. Disposable Underarm (Armpit) Sweat Pads has 4 Sizes. Disposable Collar Sweat Pads Flushable & Biodegradable Toilet Seat Cover 3. Problem & Current Solutions: What need do you fill? Other solutions. Define the real problem / need you're solving, and for who. Product Unawareness. Our products are new to Indian markets and needs to reach all over India - A thick populated country. Need to give lot of Ads on all types of medias like TV, Cinema hall, Online social medias etc., Who else is already doing this, and how are they going about it and what are they not getting right or doing wrong? Three companies are in the market. They are having only one size of Sweat Pad, but we have 4 sizes. 4. Momentum, Traction, Expertise. Timeline and milestones to date Started Importing One product (2 sizes) from China in Aug 2014, Now we are doing 3 products (6 ranges) Growth metrics In Indian market we hold a permanent place in hygiene & disposable products. And growing more... 5. Team & Key Stakeholders (Investors, Advisors). Highlight key team members and their prior positions, successes, domain expertise. Poornima J. Proprietrix Already succeeded in health & beauty care industry. Having 15 years experience in Admin & marketing Muthukumarasamy S CEO Having 20 years experience in Administration. Demonstrate relevant experience. Which roles are the keys to success in your company/space? Admin, Marketing, Stock & Supply Management People 6. Competition. Where do you exist in the larger overall Market Space? We are leading the market with quality products. What are your Advantages? Different sizes as per customer requirement. High quality. How is your place in the market unique to you, and the right one for your company growth and customers? Products are unique and very much needed for the weather conditions of India. Fulfilling the customer requirements with high quality products. 7. Investment: You ask for funding, Basic use of funds. State how much Capital you are raising, and with what general Terms: Equity, Debt, Convertible Note. We are seeking to raise $200,000 USD in fresh funding as equity. What is the timing of your Capital raise? 2 months Who are your existing & notable investors, if any? NIL What are your key Use of Proceeds (as % of total raise) - Founder salaries. 0.75% - Sales & Marketing. 8.25% - New hires. 5.00% - Technology / Product or service development. 6.00% - Capital expenses / equipment. 75.00% - Other expenses 5.00% --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is funding is required in phase wise: As Per CMA Moratorium Period(If Required): Three Months Total Staff / Team: 3 Management Team. Proposed % of Shares / Stake offered: 22% [Proposed]

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

Authorised Capital(in USD): 1,363 [As Per MOA & AOA] Paid up Capital(in USD): 1,363 [As Per MOA & AOA] Existing Loan: NIL Total Cost of Project(In USD): $200,000 Promoter Details: Poornima. J, Proprietrix Email: Shares holding Pattern: Poornima J, Proprietrix, 100%

What do you need?

We are looking for Investor and financial support for initial Expansion.

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