How to manage capital in time record high inflation?

How to manage capital in time record high inflation?

In recent weeks, the theme of inflation has not left the headlines and information portals. It also accompanies everyday conversations at home, work or a store. The problem is felt almost around the world and affects us on different levels in life. Higher food prices or increases of energy accounts are the most visible and troublesome effects of this phenomenon. The challenge has also become about securing savings. The more so because economists predict further increases in life costs in the coming months.

So what can we do to minimize the effects of growing inflation and take care of personal finances? The basis of each investment is good substantive preparation and patience. Fast profit is possible, but usually involves high risk and stress. We live in a world where we have universal access to knowledge or opinions of experienced investors. Using these resources, it is worth creating an investment plan tailored to our capabilities or specifying the expected profit. Low interest rates on bank deposits force the search for alternative ways to protect capital. However, there will not be a proverbial sock drawer. It is worth focusing on safe and above all effective tools that will allow to develop certain revenues. 

For several months, we have been observing in Poland, a growing interest in the market for art. Increased traffic is also noticeable on the Gemarket of Gemeles. According to the study of the SW Research agency conducted for Tavex, the desire to have gold as capital deposits declares 36.1% of compatriots. Mint Poland has observed a special increase in this tendency in the last quarter of 2021, in which it sold nearly 2 tons of ore, which was an increase of 150% compared to the same period in 2020. 

Unrelenting popularity among investors enjoyment is real estate. This tendency did not slow down even under numerous restrictions associated with Covid-19 Pandemic. 

In the previously mentioned study, 56.3% of respondents indicated, to them, as a worthy form of capital placement. Although it is worth knowing what and where to invest in order to make the purchase brought the expected return, according to Investment Suite – Antinfluit Tool, which additionally generated a permanent income. 

Currently, one of the most popular forms of investing in real estate is the purchase of a condo apartment.  Of particular interest are those located in a natural environment, offering not only an attractive perspective for recreation, but also tourist potential.  Apartments of this type also allow you to generate long-term profit.  

What is the attractiveness of such an investment?

 After purchasing the premises, the investor entrusts it for rent to the operator, who covers the maintenance costs, and also takes care of the appropriate occupancy, thanks to which the apartment earns.  Profit share is maintenance-free and convenient for the owner.  It is often defined by the rate of return on investment.  Importantly, the buyer can also use the apartment during the designated period of the year.

In addition, when buying an apartment for sale, you can recover VAT on the purchase of real estate.  Importantly, this also applies to natural persons who do not run a business.

Real estate in the mountains – a view of … profit up to 7%! 

The question arises, in which location is it worth investing in order for the apartment to constantly increase in value?  The attractive location will allow you to profit from the so-called passive income.  There is no shortage of beautiful places in Poland – Masuria, the Baltic Sea or even the mountains attract visitors not only during the holiday season.  A noteworthy example is the INFINITY Zieleniec Ski & Spa Aparthotel, which is being built in the vicinity of the Orlickie Mountains.

The biggest advantage of INFINITY Zieleniec Ski  Spa is undoubtedly its location.  The facility is located right next to a mountain slope, and its greatest advantage is the possibility of leaving the facility directly on the slope and using the extensive infrastructure of one of the largest ski resorts in Poland – Zieleniec Sport Arena.  It is over 23 km of ski slopes and 31 lifts and railways operating from December to March (sometimes to April).

The purchase of an apartment in Zieleniec allows you to generate a profit of up to 7% per year.  It is worth noting that by purchasing the apartment, the investor also becomes the owner of shares in the land and common parts of INFINITY Zieleniec ski&spa, which is confirmed by an entry in the land and mortgage register.  It also has the option of using the apartment for 28 days a year.

The Aparthotel is in a mountain landscape with attractions for 365 days.

Zieleniec, which is the highest part of Duszniki-Zdrój, is a unique place on the ski map of Poland.  The winter season here lasts nearly 150 days.  All thanks to the unusual microclimate similar to the Alpine, which also has a positive effect on health.

In the summer season, guests will be able to take advantage of a variety of attractions in the area, including hiking and biking trails or lookout towers.  In the vicinity of the investment, there is also Ranczo Gryglówka, operating all year round, which offers, among other things, exploring the area on horseback.

Located in Zieleniec, the facility will be open all year round, offering not only exclusive apartments, but also a wide range of attractions.  Guests will benefit from the swimming pool area and an extensive offer of spa & wellness rooms and a saunarium.

Currently, the construction of the aparthotel in Zieleniec is at a very advanced stage.  Nine out of the eleven stories are already visible, and the completion of the developer stage is planned for the end of the year.  The developer has announced that,  in the coming weeks, a show apartment will be made available, and the entire commissioning is planned for the second half of next year.

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