Why do investors not advertise on websites?

Why do investors not advertise on websites?

Protection of financial information about the investor’s situation

When answering the question of how to find an investor, there is a problem why investors do not advertise on websites. The generally available investor lists and investor services usually do not include the financial amounts that an investor can give to creators of various business projects. Investors protect their financial information and they are reluctant to share information that could reveal their financial position to competitors.

The valuation of investment support is the subject of an individual contract with the client who wants to sell his business. Investors do not see the need to give even a range of financial amounts that they can offer potential clients.

What is more, investors who are active on the market and have a lot of investment opportunities, often do not feel the need for additional advertising on different websites.

Fear of intrusive contact from creators of various projects

Investors do not advertise on websites because they are concerned that the creators of various projects will send them countless messages regarding cooperation proposals. Not every business ideain is potentially valuable and prospective. Investors don’t want to waste their time analyzing so many projects. Many of these projects may simply be unsuccessful and unprofitable. They protect themselves against many unnecessary e-mails or telephone contacts.

Investors do not have time to inform each client that the proposed business idea has gaps and errors and will probably be unprofitable. Many clients only think about how to find an investor without properly preparing their project in a calculated business model.

The investor’s independence. Well-known websites with people looking for an investor

The investor is concerned about the credibility of potential partners with a new idea. A good way to overcome uncertainty may be to search for customers on websites with a large customer base and large reach. An example of such a website is https://gaininvestors.com/.

In such websites, the investor has access to key customer information. The information includes, for example, the location of the investment, type of activity, type of announcement and the scope of the expected capital for investment.