Project: coffee business

Project: coffee business

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What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

I would like to introduce you to my coffee business project.

The parchment coffee turnover project

The main assumption of the project entitled Trading in Pergamino Coffee is the purchase of parchment coffee from farmers during the harvest period (November-May) and the sale of the same coffee to multinational corporations purchasing parchment coffee.

This activity is a seasonal activity (November-May / Chiapas, Mexico) because in this variant we do not say:
1) about processing parchment coffee into green coffee and later roasted coffee;
2) on the export of green or roasted coffee;
3) about selling green or roasted coffee under its own brand;
4) about selling coffee in cafes (a cup of coffee);
5) on the production of other coffee bean products.

All these other variants of activity are possible to implement and are in my plans related to the development of my planned activity related to the coffee industry. However, all these areas of activity require greater financial outlays related to their implementation / movement, conducting a more detailed market research and launching specialized laboratories.
In particular, in the first scope in the above-described areas of activity is the launch of a production line for the processing of parchment coffee into green coffee and then into roasted coffee (an appropriate production line is required - purchase or lease of appropriate machinery and equipment as well as a warehouse); in the second scope, the launch of appropriate production lines / laboratory (purchase of appropriate machines and devices) for the production of other coffee bean products, e.g. dietary supplements (coffee, apart from its basic use as a drink, can be used, for example, in the cosmetics, health and even medical industries, all depends on the processing of the coffee beans).
My intention / my mission related to the coffee industry in the future are three main goals:
- launch of the Coffee Holding responsible for the export of coffee from Mexico, Central and South America, mainly to Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan.
- start-up of a coffee processing and laboratory in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.

However, at the very beginning of the above-mentioned development path, I would like to focus in the first (possibly also the second and third) year of operation only on trading pergamino coffee (the question of whether it will be one, two, three years depends mainly on the investment that I will obtain from investors in the first year of the investment (its amount) and whether the investor will enter the business project as a whole or only in its first stage - trading in parchment coffee).

How should the idea/business earn money?

Below is a calculation of the trading of parchment coffee.

Calculation of average revenues - / + 20% from the turnover of parchment coffee (per one container - 360 bags of 57.5 kg each) based on data from the harvest (December 2020 / May 2021).
- purchase of 360 bags, $ 60 thousand USD
- sale of 360 bags, $ 67 thousand USD.
Gross ROI per container: 11.6666% ($ 7k USD)

- transport of 360 bags $ 1500 USD
- 4 people employees $ 1000 USD
- magazine (week) $ 500 USD
Total: $ 3000 USD
Net profit on one container of $ 4000 USD which is 6.6666%.
In one month, you can turn the same money 4 times on average, so we get an ROI of 26.6664%. Therefore, by investing $ 60,000 USD a month, we get an average profit of $ 15,999 USD. Within 6 months we will get a profit of $ 95 994 USD, which is 159.9984% of the invested amount of $ 60 thousand. USD.
For the investor, I am able to 1/3 of the profits because 1/3 is given to the person who is my partner here in Mexico and, above all, ensures the proper implementation of the project, I leave 1/3 of the profits for myself. Thus, in the circulation of perchment coffee, our shares would be divided into three equal parts.

I am able to turn over 20 containers of coffee per week (investment is $ 1,200,000). In the event that a week I will deliver more than 5 containers to international corporations purchasing coffee, the price they will pay me for coffee increases by 2.5% per container and in the case of more than 10 containers per week it increases by 5% per container - this policy is applied by most corporations buying coffee. Attached I am also enclosing a video in which, together with my partner, we invite you to invest in the coffee project. In the El Triunfo Chiapas region alone, we can work with over 100,000. small producers of the highest quality coffee. Coffee grown above 1600 meters above sea level. Organic coffee.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

From the organizational and legal point of view, I would like to point out here that my goal is to establish a Holding Coffee within which subsidiaries will operate, such as:
- the company responsible for the sale of parchment coffee
- the company responsible for export - import
- the company responsible for the processing of coffee,
- a company managing a chain of cafes.

As for the next stages of the project implementation and the share distribution structure, this issue remains to be determined.

What do you need?

To sum up, I am looking for an investor / investors who, for a 30% stake in the trading of pergamino coffee, will bring to the company financial capital in the amount of minimum $ 60,000.00 USD maximum $ 1,200,000.00 USD.