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What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

PAY AS LOW AS N1,500($4) PER DAY OVER FIFTEEN YEARS TO OWN A HOME. GET ACCESS AT 30% PAYMENT, ZERO COLLATERAL. THE PROBLEM: 1) Nigeria Housing deficit => 22M units + 780,000 units annual increase (World bank statistics) 2)Total number Residential mortgage housing transactions from 1960 to date =>250,000 (National bureau of Statistics) 3) Current annual housing production in Nigeria=> 115,000 (World bank statistics) 4) Target Market. Household that do not own homes and earn between N150,000-N500,000 monthly =>2.5m (world bank 2018) summary: Huge housing gap, Huge housing finance gap, High cost of homes. most -middle income earning Nigerians do not own collateral Usually required by finance institutions THE SOLUTION Affordable, Mass Housing solution, through a seamless home ownership support scheme . Kammed Property and home Solutions limited is positioned to do this in an highly profitable, sustainable and efficient manner. The How: Pay as low as N1,500 Naira per day over fifteen years to own a home. Get Access at 30% payment. Zero collateral. BUT HOW!!! See attachment( pictures)

How should the idea/business earn money?

*Profit from home construction (target is to build 5,000 houses in 5 years) *Utility Billing: Electricity, cooking gas, waste disposal, *Saving from utilizing home construction Artisans in a paid internship scheme and profit from profiling them on a platform for visibility after sufficient skill is acquired *profit from home financing service.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

*Business/ financial plan developed *Expanse of land : over 40 Acres of land acquired for the pilot scheme *Preliminary drawing, cost estimate, environmental Impact assessment carried out. *Already engaging mass home financing institution for construction financing. *However, need matching funds/ equity Investment.

What do you need?


Amount for investment