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What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

KIDEPO NATIONAL PARK HOTEL 1. Brief description of the project. The project proposes to establish a 5 star Hotel in North Eastern Uganda at Kidepo National Park. This is Uganda?s 3 biggest National Park with diverse wild animals such as Herds of buffaloes, Giraffes, Elephants, to name a few and over 400,000 bird species. Kidepo National Game Park is located in North Eastern Uganda about 750 Kms from Kampala ? the capital City of Uganda. It has the least developed hotel accommodation and amenities for tourists and visitors in Uganda. The Hotel and Hospitality industry In Uganda is lucrative, but setting modern state of the art hotel facilities is also expensive. The problem: Great demand, less service providers Uganda is rated the 5th global Tourist destinations. Unfortunately, the hospitality and tourism infrastructure that meets international standards is insufficient. There are less than 5 star hotels namely (Kampala Serena Hotel, Sheraton, Imperial Group of Hotels, Africana Hotel). To make it worse all these are located in the city. Moreover, the current number of existing Hotels in the country do not have branches in the countryside or near the game parks where many Tourists from all around the world prefer to travel. There are more clients seeking to Visit the National parks but they have to book for hotel accommodation more than 6 months in advance at a very high cost per night of $500 to $600, yet the services offered is not consistent with value for money. ? Currently the park has less than 100 rooms Hotel for mid and high end guests ? Some current accommodation facilities i.e. Apoka lodges and Adere safaris lodge are over booked ( One needs 2-3 months advance booking) ? There is no single hotel facility with capacity to accommodate 35+ guests in one day yet the number of tourists seeking for wild adventures is huge. What does the project do? The opportunity: The project will provide first class/high end Hotel accommodation , Bar, International conference facilities , Culture Centre, Balloon services , helicopter services , to name a few. Kidepo National Park was rated by CNN in 2014 as Africa?s 3rd best Game Park, The Game Park is poised to be the favorite tourist destination in Uganda with more animal and bird species than other parks. ? Tourist/ visitor traffic is set to increase when hotel/ lodge facilities are in place. ? Tourists often diverted to other parks with adequate accommodation facilities. ? Potential to serve SE of S. Sudan, NW Kenya, N. Uganda ? There is demand for accommodation in the Karamoja region because of mineral prospecting by investors. ? Approx 180 Kms from Moroto (budding admin and business hub) ? Our project will establish a state of the art 5 star Hotel to meet our dream of providing ?LUXURY IN THE WILDERNESS ? experience to global tourists from Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America . What problem does it solve? What kind of need does it satisfy? The Kidepo 5 Star Hotel will address the critical shortage of accommodation for diverse clients who travel and work in the region namely foreign tourists, Executives from International NGOs working in the Region, Expertise who come for mineral prospecting, the Business Community and the Government and local government officials who need conference facilities for capacity building seminars and workshops. The Hotel development will also provide employment opportunities to the young unemployed graduates in surrounding communities and this will help alleviate their economic situations as well as generate revenue for the government while at the same time generating profit for the investor. We are seeking for a joint Venture Business Partner. Uganda. Our team has experienced personnel with the required experience in the Hotel and hospitality. 1) Mr. James Oromait - % CEO & Co-Founder; he is an MBA holder with over 25 years of practice and Business experience, Locally and in the UK.He is currently a realtor with the Land Bank Ltd 2) Mr. Paul Woniala Womaungo - % Director & Co-Founder, he holders a BBA and Diploma in Hotel Management with over 25 years of hospitality practice in Starwood Hotels and Resorts both in Doha Qatar and Uganda. High specialization in Revenue Management, Hotel Sales & Marketing, and Opening and Managing Five Star Hotels in What is the history of its activity and development (if any)? ? 67 million tourists visited Africa in 2018 ? Tourism is Uganda?s highest forex earner at USD 1.6bn against coffee at USD 400 in 2018 ? Tourist Industry is Uganda?s largest foreign exchange earner only behind coffee exports. Current trends in this sector shows that there is expected tourist influx in the country due to peace and stability in the region. ? The Tourism sector is growing by over 7.5% per annum The table below shows Current trends in Tourism sector in Uganda NUMBER OF VISITORS in 2015 (1,266,000) in 2016 (1,310,000), and in 2017 number of visitors was 1,400,000) , in 2018 there were (1,808,000) and an estimated (2,500,000) visitors in 2019 brining gross revenues of USD 1.18Billion, USD 1.35Billion , USD 1.36 Billion, USD 1.6 Billion and USD 2.0 Billion respectively What channels do you sell through? We intend to sell and market our products through the following channels: ? Designing very attractive Hotel Brochures ? Hotel Company Profile ? Development of a dynamic website for online booking i.e online banners ? Hand bills ? Flyers ? Business Cards ? Key card jackets ? Bill Boards ? Printed Banners ? Guest Stationary

How should the idea/business earn money?

Our revenue models will be Transactional and Subscription for facilities according to the period of facilities usage. Transactional revenue model; Clients will be using our facilities on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis and paying for our products and services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Subscription revenue model: will have rates more discounted to customers but the catch will be paying monthly or annually. In most cases the company recoups its investments faster as some of the customers prefer the assurance offered by subscription fees. The booking prices currently per room in the area is $600 per night. This due to extreme shortage of accommodation in the proposed project location .However, once we find an investment partner and a new 150 bed room facility is established we shall charge competitive pricing at $250 -$300 per room per night As already indicated from the above table the estimated market demand is huge and the project will bring a return on investment capital in a relatively very short period of time. The key success factors for this hotel project among others include: ? Unique and unrivalled Location with great potential. ? The experience of the directors and managers as key vision bearers and implementers that carries several years of experience in Real Estates Business, Hospitality and Financial industry. ? Development of Oil and Gas Industry, is big potential for the economy which shall drive the hotel services and products. ? The growing demand in accommodation needs of Investors in Mineral rich Karamoja region and other Towns. ? Transit of Minerals from Neighboring Countries in the West such as Democratic Republic of Congo , South Sudan creates good market ? Growing Leisure Market in the Country ? Tourism potential from Local, Regional and International Visitors ? International investors seeking investment opportunities However, to accomplish our objective, we shall need a grace period of 18 months to allow for the construction of our hotel and other facilities

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

This is a startup project: The team has already put down some money to ensure the project starts Costs so far involved in the project include the following: 1. Land Titling /Legal fees/communication is $1,150 2. Company Registration/legal fees and project proposal writing $, 1,055 3. Availability of Land 300 acres valued at - $ 600,000 4. Project design development $ 115,000 The project documentation is ongoing and the financial plan has already been prepared on how the investment will be used. Our contribution to the project so far is shown on the project startup costs. We have the land, and have undertaken all the necessary legal processes to the get the project off the grown once an appropriate financier/Partner found. We need time 2 to 3 months to start the project once the funds are available .This is because of the need to secure approvals from the relevant government agencies such as the district planning board, Certification & License from the National Environment Management Agency (NEMA) and the Ugandan Investment Authority as well as procurement of the Contractor and /or construction materials

What do you need?

We are seeking for a joint venture /investment partner. This project requires a total investment of $35 Million . If the investor has construction or other equipment we sha welcome

Amount for investment