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Plastic recycling in Nigeria is one of the extremely advantageous businesses. The country?s leading environmental problems include waste management and disposal. Nigeria is considered as the most populous country in Africa, and for that reason alone, there are a lot of solid wastes generated every day. Field survey in 2017 on plastic lifecycle generation in Nigeria revealed that the packaging industries contributed 63%,while the electrical and electronics contributed 8%, construction and demolition contributed 5%, agriculture 2%, Non-packaging households and others contributed 18%. The survey estimated over 1.5 million tonnes of plastic lifecycle are generated in Nigeria every year. Of these less than 30% of such waste is collected for recycling.

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There are few recycling companies in our country even with this amount of players in the industry and some others in existence there has just been little influence on the reduction of solid wastes generated everyday over the years. Towards the end of 2017 due to some socio economic and political reasons, China being a major importer of waste around the world closed their border for importation including pet bottles as a result of that; a lot of PET waste recycling companies have shut down due to the lack of market to export their products to but our competitive advantage is that we have a partnership with off-takers in North America. We guarantee purchase of available products that have been processed to customer specification. If you invest with us you are guaranteed your principal+interest(20%)after 13 months

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For more details on how the financial plan on how your investment will be used you can contact us and we will share details with you and further questions will be answered

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