House at the Adriatic Sea – investment offer

House at the Adriatic Sea – investment offer

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What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

The company operates in the tourism industry in Europe and helps investors invest their capital in holiday homes on the Adriatic coast in Croatia and Italy.
Our business model consists in looking for tourist resorts or campsites in Europe that have been in place for some 20-30 years. They should already have a full dedicated infrastructure, such as swimming pools, restaurants, shops, sometimes aqua parks and have 200-300 mobile homes which are rented to tourists. We contract parcels for new mobile homes at such campsites.

The next step consists in us buying mobile homes for the Company and for our investors from the largest European producers (mainly from France and Italy) and placing them on campsites previously contracted.

Subsequently, operating companies, respectively do in Croatia or Italy, deal fully with renting those out to tourists. This is done through many channels, for example:,,,, - one of the largest European tour operators
and several other large wholesalers or travel agents, mainly from Germany.

How should the idea/business earn money?

We have 3 offers for potential investors:

1. The investment loan:
The minimum investment is PLN 50,000 and the maximum is capped at PLN 5 million
interest is paid on a quarterly basis
the capital is secured by a collateral of the holiday homes bought by the company
interest on the loan depending on the period:
6% -1 year
8% - 2 years
9% - 3 years
10% - 5 years

2. Become a holiday home owner – the investor purchases one or more mobile homes and leases them out to the operating company under the following conditions:
PLN 200, 000 + VAT (100% refundable) – price of one holiday home
10% - which amounts to PLN 20,000 gross - the rate of return per year (not dependant on occupancy) - paid in the form of rent which the investor receives in exchange for leasing out the house to the operator
100 %- full mobile home ownership
Up to 30 days – of ownership stay (except in July and August) each year of the contract with the operator at any campsite where has homes (14 days in the first 3 years, 30 days from the fourth year of the contract)
7 years – duration of the contract signed by the investor for renting out the homes to the operator, i.e. the company. After that period, an investor may:
sign an agreement for successive years,
not sign the contract and take the home away from the campsite,
sell the home at a market price to any person or company,
re-sell the house to the manufacturer from whom the house was purchases,
sell the home at the net purchase price
When purchasing more homes, it is possible to renegotiate all the above conditions

3. Equity – a minimum investment of PLN 2.5 million – for such an investor we build all the business model, that is to say we set up a separate company of which the investor is the owner. The company will own the mobile homes purchased, while on our side, i.e. in the operating companies, we will:
select a campsite in Croatia or Italy,
negotiate the best possible conditions with the campsite owner,
sign a land lease agreement for the operating company,
select suitable mobile homes, negotiate their price and place an order on behalf of the investor,
then we organize:
· the transport of the mobile homes
· their installation
· all equipment
· construction of terraces to be added to the mobile homes
· the complete turnkey furnishing of the house.
In the next step, we sign a lease agreement between the investor and company, whereby the investor entrusts the mobile homes to the Italian or Croatian company, respectively, for management as an operator, who in turn:
· employs residents,
· sells accommodation (, Vacansoleil or other wholesalers and own sales directly via,
· keeps accounts in the operational area,
· settles with the investor all profits earned in each year of the contract.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

At present, the companies from the group already have 123 housing units, which can accommodate 604 guests in 2 countries and at 5 campsites.

What do you need?

We are currently looking for more investors as we have managed to contract new campsites where we can place mobile homes for the next season.

Amount for investment