Build a Timber Finished Products Factory – Indonesia

Build a Timber Finished Products Factory – Indonesia Claimed

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What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

We are an established timber trading company based in Indonesia since September 2012. We are looking for Funding/Unsecured Commercial Loan USD. 10,000,000.00 The funds will be used to support all our timber finished products factory requirement and the major focus for funding is as follows : Prepare the land and buildings, Equipment procurement, Raw material expenditure, Production operational costs and Legal, certificate and licensing The main collateral will be the assets of the project, i.e., land deeds/machinery/etc

How should the idea/business earn money?

Build a Timber Finished Products Factory - Indonesia We will produce finished products as Decking, FJL, Flooring, Door Jambs, Scantlings, Skirtings, Beams and Frames. To fullfil market demand from existing and new clients in Australia, Korea and other clients. We have a good relationship and worked with them ( Buyer ) for more than 5 years also they will give orders to us regularly. If the process allows, we can send details our business plan or other documents by separate email

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

In 2019, our annual sales amount was $ 1,306,511.75 and the first year of business, we took home $ 414,657.59 which was profitable. We have maintained a stable balance for the past 7 years, due to the fact that we have provided our customers with the services they need. Company sales are forecast to be $11.534.400 in 2021, $12.528.000 in 2022, $13.867.200 in 2023, $15.508.800 in 2024 and $19.137.600 in 2025. The company plans to purchase additional productions fa-cilities in 2025 and add the employees in 2026. The additional is expected that sales will continue to in-crease of 20-25% in 2026 and in the coming years. The Company will show a Net gain for year?s 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are $1.106.905, $1.234.685, $1.417.243, $1.654.162, and $2.240.570 respectively due to the internal expansion of the Company to launch the marketing, sales and operation efforts needed to take advantage of the market and growth in the future years. The Operating Expenses and Net Profit to Sales for the five year period are affected by the internal expansion of the Company. Net Profit to Sales Percentage will continue to rise in future years as the internal expansion and investments produce results. Company cash balance are forecast to be $1.671.780 in 2021, $3.251.640 in 2022, $5.014.057 in 2023, $7.013.394 in 2024 and $9.599.138 in 2025 with our Net Cash Flow are $1.452.080 in 2021, $1.579.860 in 2022, $1.762.417 in 2023, $1.999.336 in 2024 and $2.585.745 in 2025. The Company?s Net worth is $11.106.906, $12.341.591, $13.758.834, $15.412.997 and $17.653.567 for year 1 to 5 respectively. The Company's total assets at the end of year 1 to 5 will be $11.106.906, $12.341.591, $13.758.834, $15.412.997 and $17.653.567 respectively. The balance sheet shows healthy growth of net worth, and strong financial position. For the Company's break-even analysis for year 1, the Yearly revenue break-even is projected to be $571.738 sales are projected to increase over 8,6% in year 2 due to the expansion of the Company and investments in marketing.

What do you need?

Become a business partner with very profitable profit sharing

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