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What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

We live in an era in which digital technology has dominated the world with all its components, digital technology innovation has become a stimulant for change, as many emerging digital technologies have transformed our day-to-day lives in an unprecedented way to make our lives easier, faster and more accurate. Although the world's attention focused for nearly two decades on this sector, interest increased sharply after the Corona storm. To reserve a spot in this fast moving world, Hasanat, CO. developed a social networking platform geared towards serving the Arab community through portal. The platform is in the development phase with nearly 60% of it's pages and services are completed. Once completed, the aim is to gain the trust of the Arab community and become the defacto for many of the digital services in the Arab world. As a platform user, after development cycle is completed, users will be able to enjoy the following services: 1 - Create a personal page to showcase all user's social activities. 2 - Communicate with friends, share social content and ideas, and see what friends are posting. 3 - Create a special digital collections to post photos or posts. 4 - Publishing posts and share with other people. 5 - Upload photos and videos and share them with other people. 6 - Send text or voice messages. 7 - Video conferencing service and screen sharing with group chat, meeting recording, encryption end to end. 8 - Follow-up on a number of targeted, interesting and useful channels selected by the platform?s management. 9 - Create a digital wallet. 10 - Sell your goods in the store 11 - Create self adverts 12 - Create any number of business pages to showcase business contents. All services designed with high encryption standard to safeguard companies or government institutes from any intrusions or digital piracy. Also, company inspire to make the platform one of the most comprehensive digital platform for social media and networking services required now and beyond Corona in the Arab world.

How should the idea/business earn money?

Advertisement and paid memberships

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

it is in late deveomplemt stage

What do you need?

lso business partner with great vision, strong background in online startup companies and cares deeply about social responsibility are welcomed to join this early stage venture. Business can be established in the investor's country of interest such as America or EU or UAE or Middle East. The company plans to sell 15% of its equity shares to an investor for one million dollar. The injection of capital is strictly to complete development of the platform and to accelerate launching all the websites in the platform.

Amount for investment