Franchise - the best developing Polish market

Franchise – the best developing Polish market

Franchising is one of the ways to develop entrepreneurship, which is very popular in Poland. We start our own company, but we operate under the logo of a well-known network, which is already known on the market. At the very beginning we have something that is known on the market, that has its recipients, that does not need to be promoted. If you are looking for an investment, such a model will surely work well. The ideal example in this case is the chain of Żabka shops, which is developing at a high speed. From month to month, new stores are opened all over Poland and every day they are visited by dozens of customers. Such companies have modern logistics facilities, good relations with suppliers, good foundations, and all this leads to one thing – to a great chance that such a business will turn out to be the best solution.

The number of franchisees, as well as franchisors, is growing. Franchising in Poland is nowadays one large employer, that has given jobs and the opportunity to earn money to thousands of people who can develop as a company and not as a person working for someone else. Usually, franchising is connected with small, family businesses, so it is one of the ways of small entrepreneurship. Some people buy the company, others sell the company, still others look for an investor to develop their business, but there are also people who decide to franchise and usually it is the least risky way to earn really good money.

Why are franchises so popular?

Because you can be a boss and at the same time improve your material status. Usually, when you run your own business, you earn more than when you are a full-time employee, although it certainly demands more responsibility and even more work. Most people prefer to start a company that guarantees safety already at the beginning, as well as appropriate support, because it is definitely better than starting everything from scratch and advertising your company in order to make it known to as many people as possible. An investment service allows usgetting a lot of useful information, which can influence our future professional life. Such a solution is very often chosen by people who previously worked in corporations, in difficult positions, who were underestimated, who despite the enormity of their duties did not derive any material satisfaction from work. Franchising is therefore a way to start acting on your own, having an established position on the market from the very beginning.

Franchise, of course, apart from the Żabka network, is best known to everyone Mac Donald, a well-known company W. Kruk, Zakłady Ceramiczne Bolesławiec or Victoria’ s Secret. Despite the fact that it is difficult to run one’s own business in Poland, because our country does not favor small enterprises, it is possible to achieve everything we care about if we have a vision for development, a perfect location and a willingness to work.