"How to find an investor - a practical guide for entrepreneurs"

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A practical guide about searching for capital or an investor, created by GainInvestors- a platform created for the purpose of connecting business people.

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Date Published:
February 2020

40 pages of condensed knowledge

epub, mobi, PDF

Have you been wondering where do people get funding for their business ideas? Are you looking for tried and tested information on how to find an investor? Our e-book "How to find an investor- a practical guide for entrepreneurs" is just that, a practical guide created by professionals that work in the field on a daily basis.

The authors, GainInvestors' staff, are people that unite two groups: entrepreneurs with unique and innovative ideas and investors seeking up and coming projects and ideas to invest in.

The authors have provided easy to understand advice that has been tested and verified to produce results, as well as pointed out the mistakes to avoid.

Within this guide you will find answers to common questions regarding startups, such as:

40 pages of tried and tested information!

What's inside?

Practical tips from startups to startups

You receive valuable information from insiders; information on what has proven to work and what does not.

Discover tried and tested solutions

You will find out about industry leading tools that have proven to work, and those that do not.

Read about the newest trends

Discover the newest trends in the industry regarding financing, which ones to observe, and international methods to adopt.

Save time and money

Read many valuable tips that will protect you from making mistakes and aid you in creating the business of your dreams.

E-book by GainInvestors.com

The e-book has been prepared by GainInvestors' staff, people that unite two groups: entrepreneurs with unique and innovative ideas and investors seeking out up and coming projects and ideas to invest in.

  • PART I: Do you have a business idea? 4
  • 1. How to transform a business idea into a company? 4
  • 2. How to write a business plan? 5
  • 3. Financing a company – on your own or with an investor's help? 8
  • 4. Business financing models 9
  • 5. Finding a business partner/an investor 12
  • 5.1. How to find a business partner? 12
  • 5.2. What are the potential problems when seeking capital in the United States? 13
  • 5.3. Who, exactly, is an investor? 15
  • 5.4. Types of investors 15
  • 5.5 Business angels 15
  • 5.6. Venture Capital 17
  • 5.7. Why do investors not advertise on websites? 20
  • 5.8. How not to be cheated by an investor? 20
  • 5.9. How to sign a fair contract with an investor? 22
  • PART II: Ordinary company or start-up? 24
  • 1. What is a start-up? 24
  • 2. What are the features of a successful start-up? 25
  • 3. The three mistakes that start-ups make 26
  • 4. Start-up. How to get funding? 28
  • 5. How to find investors for a start-up? 30
  • PART III: You have capital, but you don't know what to invest in? 32
  • 1. Franchise 32
  • 2. How to invest in or buy a company? 33
  • 3. How to prepare to buy a company? 33
  • PART IV: You've lost your enthusiasm for running a business and want to sell it? 32
  • 1. How to sell a business? 36