"How to find an investor - a practical guide for entrepreneurs"

available in Epub, Mobi and PDF

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A practical guide about searching for capital or an investor, created by GainInvestors- a platform created for the purpose of connecting business people.

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Polinvesta Ltd (Gaininvestors.pl)

Date Published:
February 2020

40 pages of condensed knowledge

epub, mobi, PDF

Have you been wondering where do people get funding for their business ideas? Are you looking for tried and tested information on how to find an investor? Our e-book "How to find an investor- a practical guide for entrepreneurs" is just that, a practical guide created by professionals that work in the field on a daily basis.

The authors, GainInvestors' staff, are people that unite two groups: entrepreneurs with unique and innovative ideas and investors seeking up and coming projects and ideas to invest in.

The authors have provided easy to understand advice that has been tested and verified to produce results, as well as pointed out the mistakes to avoid.

Within this guide you will find answers to common questions regarding startups, such as:

  • How to get from idea to business?
  • What criteria does a startup need to have in order to find success?
  • Where to look for competitive edge?
  • Which financing option to choose from?
  • How to write a business plan?
  • Which kind of investor is best?
  • How to sign a fair contract with an investor?
  • What mistakes to avoid when seeking out capital?

40 pages of tried and tested information!

What's inside?

Practical tips from startups to startups

You receive valuable information from insiders; information on what has proven to work and what does not.

Discover tried and tested solutions

You will find out about industry leading tools that have proven to work, and those that do not.

Read about the newest trends

Discover the newest trends in the industry regarding financing, which ones to observe, and international methods to adopt.

Save time and money

Read many valuable tips that will protect you from making mistakes and aid you in creating the business of your dreams.

E-book by GainInvestors.com

The e-book has been prepared by GainInvestors' staff, people that unite two groups: entrepreneurs with unique and innovative ideas and investors seeking out up and coming projects and ideas to invest in.

  • PART I: Do you have a business idea? 4
  • 1. How to transform a business idea into a company? 4
  • 2. How to write a business plan? 5
  • 3. Financing a company – on your own or with an investor's help? 8
  • 4. Business financing models 9
  • 5. Finding a business partner/an investor 12
  • 5.1. How to find a business partner? 12
  • 5.2. What are the potential problems when seeking capital in the United States? 13
  • 5.3. Who, exactly, is an investor? 15
  • 5.4. Types of investors 15
  • 5.5 Business angels 15
  • 5.6. Venture Capital 17
  • 5.7. Why do investors not advertise on websites? 20
  • 5.8. How not to be cheated by an investor? 20
  • 5.9. How to sign a fair contract with an investor? 22
  • PART II: Ordinary company or start-up? 24
  • 1. What is a start-up? 24
  • 2. What are the features of a successful start-up? 25
  • 3. The three mistakes that start-ups make 26
  • 4. Start-up. How to get funding? 28
  • 5. How to find investors for a start-up? 30
  • PART III: You have capital, but you don't know what to invest in? 32
  • 1. Franchise 32
  • 2. How to invest in or buy a company? 33
  • 3. How to prepare to buy a company? 33
  • PART IV: You've lost your enthusiasm for running a business and want to sell it? 32
  • 1. How to sell a business? 36

"Before you start your own business"

available in Epub, Mobi, AZW3 and PDF formats

Price 4.99 USD

A practical guide for starting your own business. Created for those that analyze and think a lot, who have had enough of their boring jobs or of their boss and haven't done anything about it.

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Qrdele.com – publishing site

Date Published:
May 2020

124 pages of condensed information

epub, mobi, azw3, PDF

Do you also come across situations where your family or friends buy things cheap and end up selling for more? Your friend bought a car for almost nothing and ended up selling it later on for more than what it was worth, and it was enough for them to almost buy a new one? Maybe an aunt purchased a great piece of property and ended up selling it for what a property in Beverly Hills would go for?

Due to a weird twist in fate, however, that never seems to happen to you? You buy things at high costs and then lose money when you sell? We can relate.

That is how it works, people like to double their success and lower their failures. That is also why many will not tell you the truth about their experiences when they made the decision to leave their corporate jobs and run their own business, because oftentimes they are on the verge of going back to corporate.

Have you wondered about where to find solid advice on the difficulties, risks, and dangers of opening your own business? Are you seeking out tips and information that will let you decide if you actually can survive running your own business?
The book "Before you startyour own business. " is a practical guide created for average people who, just like you, have made the decision to go it alone.
The author – Qrdele.com – conversed with many new entrepreneurs in order to gather information from them about their disappointment and complaints in regards to running their own companies, information that wasn't available to them prior to making their decision.

These conversations resulted in the creation of an EBook full of advice and solutions to many costly mistakes that can be made while operating a newly created business.
The publication is inclusive of observations and experiences that any new entrepreneur should prepare for when embarking on their journey, such as:

  • Everything is going well which means you are missing something.
  • Too much money in the company is fiction- or it takes a while.
  • Banks, regardless of the ads on TV, are not your friend.
  • The market doesn't hate or love you- it gives you exactly what it can.
  • If you think that stress is only evident in corporations- you're in for a rude awakening.
  • As an entrepreneur you have no free time, at least in the beginning.

What can you find in the book?

Practical advice from young entrepreneurs for future entrepreneurial candidates

You gain advice from those already practicing in the field. You will be able to see what works and what doesn't even before opening your own business.

You will discover verified solutions

You will be introduced to tools and solutions offered by other entrepreneurs.

Get to know the newest trends

You will learn about new market trends in financing companies, which trends should be monitored and which ones are worth implementing.

Save time and money

Read valuable advice that will save you from making costly mistakes and help you build the company of your dreams.


  • 1. The internet lacks solid and practical business advice.
  • 2. There is a plethora of misleading tips on the internet and misinterpretations on social media; both are looked upon as the best sources of information.
  • 3. Facebook and Twitter Lie.
  • 4. It is just not that easy.
  • 5. Must know everything.
  • 6. It involves a lot of paperwork.
  • 7. Constantly having to be competitive, improving processes and means of functioning
  • 8. You have to watch over everything and everyone, all of the time.
  • 9. Constantly putting out fires.
  • 10. Businesses require a lot of time-consuming work behind the scenes.
  • 11. Partnerships with people you don't actually like.
  • 12. Before you spend all of your savings on setting up your business, gather feedback first.
  • 13. Harder to get financing and loans than working a regular job.
  • 14. Banks are fully aware that higher returns and flexibility require higher risk.
  • 15. To grow your own business, you will be working longer hours and more intensively.
  • 16.Growing responsibilities kill the idea of working when you want.
  • 17. You have to earn free time.
  • 18. It is hard to take a two-week vacation, at least in the beginning
  • 19. Workaholics Anonymous
  • 20. Running your own business does not give you freedom
  • 21. You and your family have to accept a life full of sacrifices and stress
  • 22. Even when you are on vacation, your clients will still expect you to work
  • 23. Sick time does not exist
  • 24. All businesses require time.
  • 25. Every day you patiently start the same journey all over again
  • 26. Before they became big, as a small business they made a ton of mistakes.
  • 27. Making mistakes is okay because it is all about the process
  • 28. It takes two years to see real financial rewards, as long as you survive.
  • 29. Expenses have to be covered from day one. Handouts simply don't exist.
  • 30. You pay for everything: business bank account, accounting costs, credit card processing equipment, etc.
  • 31. Services provided to you by others will not be free of charge.
  • 32. It costs three times more than what you thought it would.
  • 33. Clients will not just appear. You have to work for it
  • 34. Advertising is a heavy financial burden one must bear.
  • 35. Assumptions as to how much can you produce are wrong. They should be how much can you actually sell.
  • 36. You have to sell what you produce because no one wants to pay for storage.
  • 37. You need to build your business on several different factors and diversify revenues.
  • 38. Seasonality causes downtime in job flow and requires budgets to be planned on an annual basis.
  • 39. It is important to understand the needs of the targeted group and to avoid putting in all of your
  • energy and resources into a good only you think is valuable.
  • 40. Appointing tasks is an art.
  • 41. When your business is on a larger scale, you will not be able to do without the help of professionals.
  • 42. Being the boss and managing people is an extremely difficult skill to master.
  • 43. Hire with caution because salaried employees are a large expense.
  • It is a completely different level of professional responsibility- you are not only responsible for yourself and the fate of your company, but also for the people that you have hired, their families and futures.
  • 45. As the owner of a company you are censored and your workers are observing you and commenting on your decisions in one way or another.
  • 46. Entrepreneurs can be dishonest and unreliable, and they will put a colleague in the line of fire at the first sign of trouble.
  • 47. Contractors are habitually late in making payments for goods and services.
  • 48. In business there are bottlenecks. If you haven't learned to manage your cash flows, you will quickly experience financial difficulties.
  • 49. It is better to rent out business space instead of working from home and getting a business line, otherwise you may burn out.
  • 50. Remember to continue educating yourself- running a business is time consuming. A person that was well educated at the beginning will soon become someone that cannot keep up with the competition.
  • 51. You have to be up to date on the laws, because even a minor error made by your accountant will become your problem.
  • 52. Managing a company requires knowledge and intelligence.
  • 53. Even on the third day of operations you could be subjected to audits by the taxing authority, because they do not discriminate young or old businesses.
  • 54. The laws are not clear and it is easy to make a mistake.
  • 55. The government will not help, but people will.
  • 56. In order for it to be profitable you have to see high profits, and once you earn better you have to pay higher taxes.
  • 57. When you begin to grow your business and pay higher taxes, you will notice how much you actually give back to the government and how it is not equal to what you receive in return.