02 / 09 / 2020

The money or the idea - what is more important when it comes to creating a successful entrepreneursh

Nowadays, in opposition to previous eras, almost everyone can become a successful entrepreneur. In capitalist countries, especially those characterised by considerable financial resources and a sustainable political and economic situation, the transition from a full-time employee to the company owner can be relatively short. This is not an easy path and for this purpose you need motivation, knowledge, money and a most definitely, the appropriate idea. Although knowledge and motivation are necessary and rather indisputable values here, when it comes to ideas and money the matter becomes more complex. The dispute about what is more significant and whether it is possible to create and maintain a popular and profitable business without one or the other has been going on for many years and the answers to these questions are ambiguous. Below, we will try to unravel this subject to some extent.

Business without a unique idea, but with financial resources

With considerable capital resources, but without a business idea, you are not in a situation without an exit, and this definitely does not exclude the possibility that you will succeed as an entrepreneur, one may even risk saying the opposite.  Having additional capital that you can invest; you can become both an investor and a stockholder as well as a business partner of a promising enterprise and actively participate in the professional life of the company. There are many portals and websites on the Internet where you can easily invest in an idea if you are lacking one. When you have significant capital, you can hire the appropriate people to commission a market analysis and any other matter related to the future company - maybe you do not need an innovative idea, sometimes it is enough to find market niches.


Business with a unique idea, but without financial resources

In this case, too, you have, once you have put in the necessary efforts and time a chance to be successful in the field of entrepreneurship. If you possess an innovative idea, but not financial resources, you are by no means in a lost position. As long as your idea is actually good, you can present it through the web portals designed for the purpose of helping start ups and thus organize the missing funds or investors. Apart from this effective option, as a young entrepreneur you are certainly entitled to a number of tax benefits or subsidies. It is enough to get acquainted with the opportunities offered by a given country and you will find the money.


So, the answer to the question of what is more important in terms of business, the idea or money is ambiguous. To run a company, you certainly need a bit of both, but that doesn't mean you have to have them from the beginning. Missing ones can be found. The only important thing is to have the willingness and time to devote.

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