17 / 03 / 2021

I am looking for an investor - where do I start?

Whether you are a young entrepreneur, just looking for your way and exploring career options, but already have an idea for a business or you are a salaried professional who would like to finally go out on their own, you must have been looking around for potential investors. Starting a small business is an exciting time, but it's important to remember that start-up funds don't have to come solely from you ad a founder, or from a normal bank loan, there are other options. After all, not many businessmen have enough capital at their disposal and you need to somehow start and develop your business, which is when investors and business partners come to the rescue. But where to find them? Where to look to make sure you only get reliable and safe cooperation offers? Noticing a high demand for this type of information, we decided to give you some ideas.


Social media as a way to get potential investors


Social media can be your best friend as a budding entrepreneur looking to test the market, win some traction and get investors. It makes it very easy to be discovered and it is constantly one of the most profitable ways of reaching out to other business people. Social media profiles offer many opportunities, but they do not guarantee that the proposals are in fact true, so we recommend that you approach them with caution and check how genuine and safe they are. Therefore, in the search for investors we suggest using professional portals such as LinkedIn rather than Facebook or Instagram. This will definitely increase your chances. Direct messaging may also be mighty tool to making new business contracts. If you can get to the social profiles of well-matched investors, it may only take one single great message to hook you up with the capital your start-up needs.


Announcement portals dedicated to connecting business people


Seemingly obvious, but still many people forget how many opportunities the Internet gives us, so when looking for investors, we recommend registering on portals designed to create communities of business people. An excellent example of such a platform is the Gaininvestors service because it not only connects entrepreneurs but it also allows for the allocation of offers for both people looking for investors and businessmen looking for new investments. On the website you will find thousands of offers from people all over the world!  And the best part is that only verified offers and real profiles are on the site! Therefore, if you are looking for an investor, it is high time to register on Gaininvestors and place your advertisement. After that, you are only one step away from finding a business partner or investor for your company. Thanks to portals like this, everyone can become a successful entrepreneur.

Ask friend and family


If you're not having any luck with strangers, reach out to friends, family or former colleagues for help. There is a good chance that one of them will see your potential! And if they do, at least you will be assured that they will not deceive you, and if they did, at least you will know where to look for them.

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