10 / 02 / 2021

Pandemic in the food service industry - Save your restaurant!

The global pandemic has quite properly affected us all, but those who are running their own businesses are in a particularly difficult situation. Almost overnight, the coronavirus pandemic proved to be a serious test for many companies. Some will pass it, others will fail. Out of all industries, it is the food service sector that has suffered the most. Ever-changing restrictions, rules and aggravations have been standing in the way of restaurants, bars and dance clubs for almost a year now. Millions of people, especially the youngest workers and students, have lost their jobs, but by far the most challenging problem is faced by the owners of small restaurants. How do you save your restaurant from shutting down due to a virus situation? This is what we will address in today's article.


What can an owner do to prolong the life of their business? How do you run a restaurant at a time when you are unable to welcome customers at your premises?  Of course, there are many ways and only a combination of all of them, along with a fair amount of luck, can make it through this difficult period. The first thing is to transfer most of your services to the sphere of the Internet as soon as possible. We are talking here above all about the appropriate maintenance of company profiles in social media. How to do it? Add posts and reports. Plan live broadcasts with a high reach. Create polls where people can decide what will be the dish of the day tomorrow, etc. Of course, this is not an instant win solution. You need to invest a lot of work and time in online promotion. What else? Of course, selling your products online, this could be preserves, sauces or ready-made dishes that your restaurant is famous for. The last and most important is of course to deliver your products directly to your customers. We are talking about both dishes and products from the restaurant. If you don't have a car and a courier, then you can start working with companies like Uber Eats or Glovo, which deal with take away deliveries.  How do you do it when you don't even have enough money to pay the bills?


Being a restaurant owner who is in an extremely poor financial situation, you have no choice but to find an investor willing to put money into your business. Depending on how much money you have at your disposal, you can look for an investor for different purposes. If you don't have the money to pay the bills, but you have a restaurant with enough reputation and potential, there is bound to be an entrepreneur willing to support your business. Now you' re probably thinking to yourself: easier said than done or where am I supposed to find such a person! Of course, it will not be easy, but not impossible. The portal Gaininvestors comes to the aid of restaurant owners in trouble. It is a platform which connects entrepreneurs in need and investors! Do you want to save your restaurant and find a partner or investor? Don't wait, just add your ad on Gaininvestors.com and let us help you!

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