03 / 02 / 2021

Got a business idea? - 3 ways to find an investor. (Even in times of pandemics)

This year has not been the easiest for established entrepreneurs, let alone those who are just starting their adventure and plan to launch their own business. However, if you have a business idea and are short of funds, do not think that the matter is over! There are at least a few ways to find an investor in times of pandemic, and we will talk about them today.

1.       Crowdfunding

Crowd-funding is a form of financing various types of projects by the community that is or will be organised around these projects. The undertaking is in this case financed through a large number of small, one-off contributions made by people interested in the proposed venture. For these purposes, at least several portals have been set up. You simply add an advertisement on them, in which you present the advantages of your idea, a cost estimate and a business plan, and voilà! You already have at least part of the funds you need to launch your start-up.

2.       Angels of business

An angel investor is a private investor, usually with extensive business experience, who invests in early stage companies in return for taking a share of their stock or shares. In contrast to venture capital funds, which manage a pool of funds entrusted by other entities or individuals, a angel investors invests their own funds and is personally involved in supporting the growth of a startup. A business angel is often a wealthy entrepreneur or high-level manager. They may be interested in supporting young companies for reasons other than profit, for example the desire to establish business contacts, the opportunity to pass on their experience and knowledge,  or the desire to support the development of the local economy. Angel investors usually offer financial means in the formula of the so-called smart money, i.e. combined, among others, with managerial support, making available their contacts, specialist knowledge, know-how and assistance in recruiting valuable employees for the supported company.

3.     Gaininvestors.com

The third and most effective way to raise funds for your venture is to join the community of the Gaininvestors.com  portal. What is Gaininvestors? It is a platform aimed at supporting businesses all over the world. What are the main advantages of this service? Well, firstly, with its help you are able to reach potential investors all over the world. Secondly, it is a serious company trusted by millions of entrepreneurs. Thirdly, it is the most effective way of getting an investor, and it costs pennies! Gaininvestors is a service which connects entrepreneurs in need and investors! Do you want to save your restaurant and find a partner or investor? Don't wait, just add your ad and let us help you! It costs almost nothing, yet it can change your life and make your dreams of becoming a successful businessman come true. Isn’t that worth a try? We believe it most definitely is.


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