16 / 11 / 2020

Why is it important to know the law in your country?

Human societies are very complex social structures which could not exist without proper regulations. Without a social order or a system of rules or codes of conduct that would control them, such societies would have difficulty in maintaining themselves and would gradually fall apart. It can therefore be said that social order is a prerequisite for any society. This can be shown by many examples to show that man has been acting in accordance with the social order since the dawn of human civilization. Within this social order, the legal aspect of it is one of the most significant components and has the following basic functions: it preserves the order in the state, regulates issues related to every aspect of life, imposes standards of behaviour, as well as human rights.  The law does not work in a void and there is no life independent of the human society in which it functions. It governs our behaviour from birth to death, and sometimes even after death.  That is why it is useful for every person to know general law of their country and then international law. Knowledge of the law gives us a tool to enforce our rights, and also informs us about our duties towards society.


The law as a tool to fight evil


This is probably the most obvious aspect of the issue, but also one of the most important. Knowledge of the law gives us knowledge of standards of behaviour, and it also offers weapons against those who violate them and thus harm us or our loved ones.


The law as a plan of action


This field creates a set of methods and a specific action plan for all legal proceedings. When you want to set up your own business or receive certain benefits from the state, after you become acquainted with the applicable law, you open up a specific action plan to achieve the given goal.


The law as a moral compass


The law not only regulates material issues, but also gives an idea of the ethical principles and norms of a given country. In fact, we know that there is a lot of disagreement on this matter, and not everyone agrees with some issues, but it is necessary to be aware of their existence.


Law as a way of promoting the common good


The law is not just about holding bad people responsible for their actions. A society made up of people who have no bad will towards anyone else and who simply care about pursuing their own interests needs the law, because there are situations in which if everyone pursues their own interests, everyone will be in a worse situation than if they acted differently.


The law as a security


It is worth remembering that the law gives us a sense of security and arouses in us a sense of duty. Therefore, in order to enforce your rights or contract provisions, you need to know the regulations.

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