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TNHB Road, Chennai, India

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

Happy to introduce the ZERO POWER WATER PUMP which is going to provide enough water to the desperate world without any external energy. our water pump technology ensure to work anywhere and everywhere in the earth,unlike climate depend solutions like solar,wind our water pumps can work 24*365. Our immediate target segment is Irrigation system companies and industrial cooling tower pumps, because cooling tower pumps has to run 24/7 to maintain the temperature level of processing machines (like CNC,Injection Molding, Furnace).

How should the idea/business earn money?

What problem we are solving ? High Running Cost (Electricity) of industrial and agricultural water pumps , Particularly when it comes where pump used 24/7. Example Running cost of 5HP water pump 5HP = 3.75units/hour * Rs.7 /unit cost = Rs. 26.25/hour * 24hr * 30days *12months = Rs. 2,26,800 / year Value Proposition Zero running cost. Can be used anywhere. Can be installed in any depth. Non Hazardous like electric shock, noise pollution. 100% environment friendly. ROI in one year. BUSINESS PLAN NO. OF ASE = 164*50(avg.pump) = 8200(pump)/month * 12months = 98,400Pump/Year = 1,00,000 units(Round figure) SALES VALUE = 1,00,000 * Rs.1,05,000 = Rs.1050,00,00,000 CRORE/YEAR(avg) ASE ? Area Sales Executive

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

We are ready for Manufacturing, Technology Transfer and for next version model R&D

What do you need?

We need investment for Manufacturing , Further development of next version and we are also open for Technology Transfer

13 962 180,64 USD

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