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Publication: 13:59, 07.02.2020No. of the advertisement: 1136

The EUSL Group


What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

EUSL has been around since mid 2017, with the purpose to solve Swedens and Europes integration problems. We do this by targetting the SME- sector and making it attractive for them to work with the solutions, giving relief to the governments and saving tax money at the same time. We are now building two "gated communities" or "cooperative communities" to apply our model and vision in something hands on. The purpose is to create a society that regardless of future politics always will stand for equal rights and inclusion.

How should the idea/business earn money?

Several revenue streams is the key! We will start our own business school in early 2021 making the government fund us with 50% of our costs, as well as having the EUSL membership fund 1/4 and a hotel/conference doing the last 1/4. Its fairly simple: Let a company use our hotel or conference, they actively help someone else practising a hotelposition such as frontdesk (for example). For us the governmental funds are the security as well as the properties we have. Memberships from SME's and hotel stays can always vary, especially now with an ongoing recession and Brexit. So we decided early that we needed several revenue streams to be safe.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

95% done - all concepts are made, all services are 80%, most papers and documents are done, all licenses. What we miss is the last few bits to go-to-market. All businessplans, surrounding documents, pro formas, external partners are decided. What we need is the starting funds to go out and hire staff, setting up two specific offices and similar - however the big chunks are already in place.

What do you need?

Our plan is divided into three projects who themselfs are divided into a couple of phases. We are confident that our sector will be lucrative and therefor looking for a ?250 000 investment Project 1 and its final phase. But giving the whole scope we are in the need of ?13 000 000, however as we work in phases this is not something we rush in. ?250 000 to launch and then we are looking for what we call "intelligent money", someone to have for feedback, someone who's been where we are and can provide both intellect as well as the eventual need for more funds along the way.

250 000,00 USD

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