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Publication: 04:00, 26.03.2020No. of the advertisement: 1777

Software generator

Goyang-si, South Korea

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

I am software developer in self employed company with no sales profit yet. Our company is developing software development automation products. Currently, our company has developed two products, coding-ggoon and test-ggoon. coding-ggoon is a software that generates back-end and front-end source codes based on the design document of database application software. And test-ggoon is an software that automatically generates data and test code to test the source code generated by coding-ggoon. In the future, we will focus on generating revenue by entering the IT outsourcing, e-commerce, and O2O service markets based on the powerful software development powers of coding-ggoon and test-ggoon.

How should the idea/business earn money?

Revenue model utilizing coding-ggoon and test-ggoon are as follows: 1. IT Outsourcing Modern corporate management is increasingly dependent on computer systems. And many companies rely on IT outsourcing. This is because IT outsourcing is advantageous in terms of cost and efficiency rather than developing the computer systems directly what they need. As we know, market size for IT outsourcing is huge 2. Startup-ggoon There are many people in this world who have business ideas that use IT services but don't have enough development funding. startup-ggoon is a service whose main clients are startups who suffer from these difficulties. Customers provide startup-ggoon with data necessary to implement their business ideas and IT services, and startup-ggoon is a service that takes care of the development, maintenance and system operation of IT services based on this. 3. test-ggoon testggoon can test not only the software generated by coding-ggoon, but also any api server that communicates with HTTP and JSON regardless of the development language or DBMS used. 4. IT Service We will develop and operate IT services that connect sellers and consumers, such as Amazon and Air B & B. However, unlike other competitors dominate the platform, we will only act as platform managers. In other words, we will only act as a manager who gives the seller a lot of power, guarantees the seller's interests to the maximum and protects the consumer's rights. As a result, our profits on the platform will have a very small share. However, if we create and operate multiple of these IT services, the long tail rule will be valid.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

We currently have products and services ready, but no sales.

What do you need?

We currently have some debt. IT outsourcing project is required for immediate sales. However, I am not really good at IT outsourcing sales. I need money to hire a salesperson.

500,00 USD

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