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Publication: 16:54, 21.03.2020No. of the advertisement: 1753

Safe food for baby


What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

This projectis for giving proper nutrition for poor childre. Which will be like all in one and cheape. Of course it will be solve the huge nutrition gaps of them.We prefer B2B.We could sell it though NGO.The investors need to know, we have a large population and have scarcity of land and food. So always our children are suffering from malnutrition and weaknes. So it is a good market to sale the item on regular basis roundthe year. Becaus, this business cover basic needs of human Bein. So you can think about my idea. Thank yo.

How should the idea/business earn money?

Hello, I am Marium from Banglades. Wishes to work for unprivileged poor child who are suffering from malnutritio. I wish to keep concentrated to introduce nutritious food wihich cover all food categories like protei, carb,vitamin, mineral etc.with help of selfless minded investor. Becaus, our Government are not so concerns of poor people and their future generation who are covering most pert of population in futur, who will not be able to be well enough to lead a educated, heathy generation without the help of Good people who have abilit. Thank.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

Right now, i am working for the formation and searching data for a realistic business plan.

What do you need?

I need technical support to made all in one nutrients food for baby which should be cheaper and easily available.

1 000 000,00 USD

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