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Publication: 07:54, 16.03.2020No. of the advertisement: 1712

Proxylay Invention: Disrupting the Casino industry for Good

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

ProxyLay, the invention that is going to change the casino industry for good. ProxyLay is a new invention that allows casino players to play from home, for real money, on real casino tables (devices/consoles), using real chips and real cards that can be touched and felt by hand. It is the first invention in the world that brings back the touch and feel senses to the online casino industry. The market is huge (80+ billion dollars) and we are the only ones who cater for it. Our table games products (devices/consoles) use 4 invented technologies of proximity identification which was the never ending dilemma until now, especially for Roulette. All the players have to do is to connect the table (Device/console) to the electricity and to the internet and they can start playing on the tables as if they are playing inside a casino without the need for a dealer. Our products can be sold to players (B2C) and to online casinos who would like to retain their customers (since online casino players have no loyalty to a single casino, and this way an online casino can retain players)

How should the idea/business earn money?

There are many business models for this invention. 1- We could sell directly to players (since the invention is stand-alone i.e. no need to make any deal with online casinos to link the tables to their gaming software, because the system, through smart and innovated technology of image identification, can extract the data from the tablet screen embedded in the tables that serves as a display and a mother board). 2- We could make deals with online casinos (Online casinos will die to get these devices for their players and make them only work on their games, so that players can only play on their platforms/casinos). 3- We can have our own online casino platform and give the devices exclusively to our members. Our members could buy the non-expensive tables and pay for them themselves or we can give them back the money in casino credit (our online casino), this is like the bonus they give to players based on different number (or amount) of wagers they need to make before they can withdraw any money. Another option is to lease the tables for players based on monthly rentals (e.g. 150 Euros or Pounds) per month) these rentals can be waived if they play for a certain amount per month 4- We can lease the tables to any players based on monthly rentals

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

I have already an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that shows that the Roulette invention works fine and 100%, for the other games, we need to prepare prototypes but it is very easy, simple and quick to do it (since all the parts, algorithms, software and flow are identified). I have deposited my invention for a US patent and I have a complete Pitch deck with 2 financial plans for the 2 main business models (Having our own casino and without having our own casino). The Go-To-Market needs maximum 4 to 6 months from investment and the return on investment is extremely high although the study has been very conservative.

What do you need?

Note: Please ask for the Project Pitch Package that includes a presentation and 2 financial plans for 2 models. For the first business model, I need an investment on 2 phases: The first phase needs 300,000 US$ (or Euros) to get the product ready to go to market and then another 500,000$ after 6 months for manufacturing devices (based on the type of orders we have i.e. we might not need this amount if the clients are businesses paying us 50% advance...) For the 2nd business model (having our own casino platform), also we have 2 phases (300,000$ for the same 1st phase as above and then 900,000$ for the 2nd phase)

800 000,00 USD

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