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Publication: 06:40, 08.02.2020No. of the advertisement: 1172

Profitable Animal Removal & Restoration w/future Franchise Sales Opportunity

Fort Worth, United States

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

Animal removal and restoration. Removes animals from inside the home and restores any part of the home destroyed or deteriorated by the animal's activity. The need to have sealed home that is not susceptible to rodent or other animal damage, saving thousands of dollars in future repair both structural and electrical. Sell through word of mouth and google advertising is plenty to begin. There is no shortage of need in this market - it is actually an overwhelming need. Overhead is extremely low at less than $10k/mo with two employees capable of running the business up to $80k in sales, no need to add employees until after. Does not require store front to be extremely successful.

How should the idea/business earn money?

Purchasing the equipment is around $40k to get premium, buy-it-once equipment with potential first month sales north of the $30k and six-month growth to around $70k. Meaning, the equipment could pay for itself in just 3 months as the first six months overhead would be my salary alone. Large customer base and word-of-mouth system already in place. Would like to sell franchise opportunities with a percentage stake in these very profitable branches. There is a lot of material required to complete projects that I craft on my own due to not being able to source it locally. One stipulation on a franchise would be that they must purchase these certain materials from the parent company. Would also sell to other companies these self-made materials I would like to brand. Would train all franchises owners and staff myself and add strict service and quality clauses to the franchise contract as well.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

The idea is perfected at the moment. I have been working this industry and there is no one better. I've worked for other people who have bottle-necked their ability to grow by simply not trying - being lazy with leads, not wanting to grow because they don't want to hire, wanting an office that is empty and useless, and are just comfortable with their net profits of around $80-100k/mo when in reality that is a profit that can be made without trying. Most all business comes to us via searching for a solution to their problem. There is more work out there than all the businesses in the are can handle and growth opportunities are endless.

What do you need?

I would like to be a sole proprietor, but asking for investment obviously won't do that. I won't work for someone else. My value and expertise is too valuable for anyone to be able to afford me. If I enter a partnership, I would need to be the majority stakeholder as a lot of intellectual property, experience, and integrity of my own is what will make this business profitable. I need $40k to purchase the two machines necessary to pull and blow insulation, trailers, and a generator. I already have almost every tool needed to do the job since I've been growing my tool assets for years, so anything else would be minimal. I have the tool inventory in my proposals as that is what I would include in a franchise package as I realize through experience that most people don't have the array of tools I have. I ask for $40k because I don't buy low-end equipment that I'll have to replace in 5 years or less. Desired equipment and specs are in the photos. Repairing anything is no problem, I can do it all. If I cannot secure $40k, I can start with renting the equipment, which is in the <$10k estimate of overhead/month starting out and within 6months can purchase the equipment I need if I am able to secure an investment of a minimum of $25k. The overhead would only be my salary and a storage unit if we own all of the equipment going in.

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