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Publication: 20:15, 12.02.2020No. of the advertisement: 1307

Mobile App for Visitor Management - Investor Needed

Robert Sobukwe Street, Pretoria, South Africa

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

A Mobile App for Visitors and Event management. Its uses QR Technology for invites and connects to various Terminals and devices like Locks, Turnstiles, boom gate barriers etc. Its USP is in the simplicity and cost reduction strategy investing in mobile technology and terminals. Other solutions are huge cost of acquisition and maintenance. Ours integrates with exisiting devices and yet simplify access control. Our Business model is B2B thereby offering our products and services through security companies, Facility managers and developers. The trend of Visitors management is key in security of homes and offices. We have developed solutions and modules to address all these strata.

How should the idea/business earn money?

We have 2 streams of income for this solution. We sell terminals, Locks and Pheripehrals at mark-up price, uniquely we are manufacturing our components which gives us and USP. Another one is the monthly subscription. Customers acquire devices from us and then later pay monthly to enjoy our services which includes Database hosting, mobile app maintenance and portal management. The VMS (visitors management solutions) industry is estimated at $1308 million in 2025. Its target are Estates, offices, student residences , event management etc.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

Currently the Project has been developed and currently been tested in South Africa and Nigeria. We have developed the Android apps for the Host and Guards, remaining the IOS version under development. We have a 5 year financial plan for our operations. I own major share holding of the investment. We require more funding to finish up the IOS releases, Hardware integrations for more terminals and devices like the POS all in one etc. Once we have the capital, we are rolling out the 1st phase of marketing to sell the apps and solutions without the locks and POS devices. Mid year our devices and locks will be ready for full visitors management automation.

What do you need?

Am looking for a Partner to inject more capital to finish up the solutions for full automation. Am looking at $50,000 for 25% equity.

50 000,00 USD

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