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Publication: 10:30, 21.02.2020No. of the advertisement: 1429

MMORPG Game Project

Ankara, Turkey

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

What is the project? Our project is an enormous multiplayer online computer game project. Our Company and Our Vision: Our project brings a unique touch to the kind of role playing close to fantasy far east culture. Optimized for team-oriented gaming spirit, it will be the new trend of both socializing and gaming. We believe this heartily! In short (M2M), this 13-year-old game will attract many MMORPG players with different game features, free of charge, available for all participants, with five independent language options and a unique structure. Although we are not part of large game development companies, our programmers, designers, and 3D Graphic Artists have done great and surprising work. We want to continue with our team and project that suspended their works due to their financial impossibilities in 2016, and also to realize our projects and open new horizons with the support of investors and sponsors who will support us internationally. What is the name of the game and why is it stopped? Magic to Master (M2M) - Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG Game It is a game project that brought us 2 million dollars and more between 2014-2016. It is an extremely successful MMORPG project that continues until 2016 and was stopped due to the company's financial problems. ----- Over the years, our project continued to increase revenue, operating costs increased more than ever. Our shareholders have shown patience, but let's be honest, nobody is affected by classic MMORPG games in today's market and MMORPG industry! Cloning a rpg game project that was available 10 years ago and creating its Pvp server was fascinating for the target audience (players). Our target audience, that is, the targeted audience, they look at the RPG games broadcasting in the sector as if they were looking at the elephant in the city park. Because they are not affected by the game. This means that (Metin2) MMORPG, one of our biggest competitors, cannot compete against our project. Because such (Metin2) MMORPG games are no longer impressive by the target audience. These types of games are for profit-seeking organizations that seek unnecessary innovation just to make money. So, what is our solution to influence this audience? However, this does not mean that MMORPG game development is lagging behind. Our game developer team is discovering new genres and new methods every year. Users want such games to be big and effective. In addition, he has more players. The good news is that our progress in MMORPG development has opened up new horizons for us! MMORPG Genre development has taught us a lot in the past 10 years that developing games is not just a simple story and criterion. This type of game projects, USA, Europe, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Turkey and so on. and it is also in good demand in many parts of the world. It has a very good market especially in terms of monthly income. I would like to inform you that we are ready to give you 20 percent and above in this project. We only need $110,000.00 to start this project. Product and Prototype Ready, we just need to start broadcasting to the public. We never spend the invested money on research and development or unnecessary innovations. Our project is ready and waiting to be published. This means that the investment will be paid back to the financier as soon as possible. If you request, we can prove that the product and prototype are ready with a live presentation. Okay, but why M2M? We spent our life on this project, we invested 2-3 million euros and maybe more. M2M was produced with Hero Engine, the world's most successful MMORPG game production engine. Hero Engine is a paid game engine. A game developer has to pay only $60,000 or more to purchase the resource (Intellectual Property) after completing the target game. This depicts that our project is an extraordinary project compared to other MMORPG projects. We did not escape the expense to the target audience and to achieve the best. Everyone can and will continue to play in this industry, but they expect all monetary support from the investor. As an example, the project named Inferna has received an investment of 350 thousand dollars. They spent this investment solely on developing the game, namely research and development and innovation. Now they have finished the game, but the game is not impressive and the target audience is not happy with it. We only ask for $110,000.00. Waiting for everything from the investor is a failure. Our project will serve the target audience in the least available 5 (five) languages. There are currently active 3 (three) languages (TR-EN-HU). It will take a maximum of 3 months to be public by adding new languages after the investment. This 3-month period is enough time for the promotion, advertisement and promotions of the game. Adding extra available languages is as easy and real-time. The skeleton structure of the whole game operates on a single localization. What is Magic to Master briefly (M2M)? Our goal is to sell the objects purchased from the creatures killed by the players by fighting, and to have them invest in combat equipment suitable for their characters, which they have assumed their role. To fight against those who want to damage the imperial territory that all players defend together with the players from different countries and to take them to the next level with the awards they receive. By collecting "Experience Points", a feature of the M2M world, players can improve themselves from the first to the last. In Magic to Master, like other MMORPG games, players can increase their levels by creating a character of their choice, completing missions in the game world, killing monsters, or fighting other players (pvp). It is a platform where participation and membership is free.

How should the idea/business earn money?

? Magic to Master - How will you win? Special game items are sold at the Goods Market. The player can strengthen the equipment he plays in the game and the character he plays in with object market items. Frequently, this method is generally preferred for all players. Because the players who develop themselves with the (FARM) activity in the game are the individuals who prefer this method for individual and spending time. This audience does not suffer from such games and does not find appropriate. For this reason, the audience that chooses to deposit is the general player and clan audience that prefers such MMORPG games. Arovonurian Coin is used to supply items for the market. (AP for short) is purchased with Arovonurian Coin (EUR-TL-USD), which can be obtained with real money. They can obtain the products purchased in the Goods Market via the M2M market warehouse. Generally, there are products sold in the supermarket. These products are often bought by a player, 3 days, 7 days, and 15 to 30 days continuously. According to the statistics within 6 months, the number of players who visited the goods market in June 2015 and traded is 17843. Frequently purchased products, Clan Deeds, Attack costumes, Strengthening equipment, Time extension, etc. The one-time sales price of these sold products is 1,000 to 4990 AP. For example, Clan Title is worth 4,990 AP, this product is purchased by at least 750-1,000 players as it is required to create clans in the game world. It is equivalent to 4,990 AP = 250$. Although at least 500 players, 4,990 AP is bought at least 1 time by one player in 1 month, the profit margin is 125,000$ per month, and if it is purchased by 1000 Players, it is 250,000$. The year-end profit margin for a game that earns at least 120,000$ per month is 1 million 200 thousand $. The reason for sampling is that statistics are better understood in this way. ? Why would a game user want to spend so much money and buy products? As we mentioned earlier, users of RPG games do not hesitate to invest real money to strengthen, change and adjust to their own wishes. This always leaves the publisher's chances of making money at 95%. For example, if there are 100 players, 80 of these players prefer to deposit in the game. Because RPG games are usually market-paid games. For this reason, the remaining 10 people are the audience who prefer to strengthen their accounts by spending time in the game and to try their luck by participating in the activities. But we can say that. RPG games also often require innovations and updates. This means that there will be a steady stream of money. In addition, RPG players never invest in a single account. They usually prefer to invest in more than one account. In our game, the "Shaman" character is preferred by many players and it is 90% necessary to use the product market in order to be strengthened. This means that the target audience will use the product market frequently. Because when they do this, the players like to sell their accounts confidentially, even though it is stated (Under the scope of the contract, account sale is prohibited). If an account is sold, 5 accounts will be stacked at once. Short example: Step 1 (Mini Investment) To strengthen 70% of an account, a player invests $ 1,000 or $3,000. (Requires 70% and more ultra investment and extra play time) Step 2(Investment Transformation) A 70% reinforced game account, or game object, finds and sells buyers +$5,000 or more in the players' trading market. Step 3(Re-Investing) The player who sells his account deposits the money he earns back into the game and tries to make a character reinforced with 70% and above to win more. This is the general logic of RPG games. This cycle always goes on like this. ? Do you have a system set up already for on site purchases? Since the game will run internationally, we have a pre-installed payment system. Because we were using this system a long time ago. So the first broadcast time of the game. These payment methods are as follows. PayPal, payment method. - The player logs in to his PayPal account and chooses the package to buy. After the payment is completed, the game money is transferred to the user's account in real time. ? Credit card payment method. At this stage, the international payment is directed to the secure payment web page, which is protected by the SSL certificate directed by the player bank. (This forwarding is done by the bank from which we purchased the virtual pos system) The player chooses the game package to buy. It enters the credit card information on the Secure payment page and goes to the next step. In this step, SMS verification is sent to your phone. After the payment is completed, the game money is transferred to the user's account in real time. ? Mobile payment system. The user can purchase game money over the postpaid line using the mobile payment method. These tariffs may vary according to the phone operator of the user. ? Payment system with coupon code The user can purchase game money by purchasing an e-pin coupon after our agreement with websites selling game money. ? How can the user receive the new inventory (content) he bought from the website in the game? They can obtain the products purchased from the Goods Market via the M2M shop warehouse. The player can take the purchased product from the market store and place it in his inventory. - They can access the M2M shop warehouse. via the shortcut key in the inventory. - They can access the M2M shop warehouse. from the NPC "Store Manager" located in the capital. ? How is the data linked between your website and the in-game store? Website was made with "ruby" It establishes a connection via Oracle database system. The functions of the game market and the web page were done in the same way. The website reads and processes the data in the database. The game market reads and processes the data in the database. ? If the player buys an item sold on the Website store, where is this data stored? All account and the players informations such has items,npc shops, crafting table controlling and handling by oracle data management workbench. ? How about the purchase done? We have all alternative payment methods those are phone calls, mobile payment, bank transfer , bitcoin and visa. ?f any player would like to buy any item from shop firts he must buy some coins than he or she can send it from to him character by a NPC in game.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

Our project had already successfully continued until 2016. The product and the project are ready for publication and monetization and open.

What do you need?

All we need is $ 100,000 in financing and $ 20,000 in ad support.

110 000,00 USD

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