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Publication: 21:49, 01.02.2020No. of the advertisement: 964

MEM Edtech Solutions - Virtual Reality the Future of African Education

Lusaka, Zambia

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

Imagine trying to teach about the sea and sea animals to a child in a rural school in remote/rural Zambia....and expecting that child to write national exams that do not take into account one's learning environment? Imagine a child or adult growing up in a rural setting whose only view of the world revolves around the small village that surrounds them.... Imagine an entire village, both adults and children running into the Bush at the sight and sound of a motor vehicle.... It might sound like a joke but it's all true. This is the reality that most of the poor in my country have to face every day of their lives. Working in the bush for over 7 years inspired me to come up with the concept of ?The Teacher?s Village? and the ?Digital Classroom in a Kit ? DiCKit?. THE KIT ? Digital Classroom in a Kit (DiCKit) This is a unique feature of The Teacher?s village which will be used predominantly in rural areas of the country and in corporate trainings. The kit will be used to take immersive learning to the poorest communities in Zambia and Africa as a whole where the traditional school has failed to reach. This makes the kit a viable project for tech funding from organizations such as the United Nations and UNICEF which have set aside funds for the innovation of African education. The DiCKit will be a very portable kit in which will be a fully functional off grid digital classroom. The content for VR/AR will be in local languages first and then English to enhance the learning process. This kit will have a mini projector, a preloaded mini laptop, a rechargeable solar backup power system, some VR goggles, and other materials and equipment to make off grid teaching easier yet leave the kit still be in a position to be easily carried from one village to another. The kit will also be used in schools to provide virtual labs to enhance the teaching and learning of STEM subjects. These lessons will also take the form of experiencing the world like they never have through VR. At night, focus will shift to the parents. These will be given digital literacy and also training in other literacy skills that are relevant to their way of living in their areas of residence. These digital lessons will also be done in the traditional local schools especially in advocating for the world experience through VR. This will help to develop better informed and exposed pupils who will not find most concepts they encounter during the teaching and learning process as being foreign to them. Corporate training has also embraced the used of VR, this being the case our kits will pioneer the use of VR in corporate training on the Zambian scene. The web and mobile app platform As you can see from the Pitch Deck I have attached, my plan is to provide an all in one web platform that will provide goods and services required to enhance the education process. We will create a web platform, this website will be a free membership page that will be built around a social networking core allowing for valuable interaction among subscribed members. The web platform will provide the following key services: A bank of free lesson plans in all the topics from ECE to grade 12. This bank will be supplemented by user created lesson plans; teachers will be able to interact and critique each other thus help build knowledge base. An e-learning platform. We live in a time where people might not have the finances for a university degree, but are willing to be a part of the learning process e.g in entrepreneurship and other short intensive courses. The website will allow for the hosting of e-learning courses from other institutions and also our own. Considering the high number of users we will have this will be a plus as it will result in reduced course fees but higher numbers of enrolled students thus resulting in increased revenue. An online store. The store will stock our own branded merchandise and other affiliated products so as to help us raise revenue through affiliated marketing. The store will find the best value for money goods and services that will be relevant to our user base. The Teacher?s Village will provide a platform that will allow teachers to network and build each other regardless of one?s location. For example, teachers will be able to hold online Teacher Group Meetings (TGMs), CPDs, and Webinars in their respective subjects regardless of their location. The teacher?s Village will provide a platform that will provide teaching and learning materials online to be read online or offline in the app environment. Through the platform teachers will also be able to share resources in their respective subjects. Over time, the company wishes to partner with the ministry of Education and be the official online resource centre for the country (with plans to expand further in Africa).

How should the idea/business earn money?

HOW DO WE PLAN TO MAKE MONEY? This being a business revenue generation is key. The following will be the key revenue generators for the business; 1. Affiliate Commissions ? from sponsored goods and services. 2. Advertising ? the web platform will have thousands of subscribers. (the best earning websites in ad revenue 3. E-commerce ? from the online store. 4. E-learning ? from course sales 5. Kit rentals (for corporate events and other stakeholders) 6. Classifieds adds 7. Value added services

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

All preliminary ground work has been done, and we have started initial work on designing the platform and kit All we need now is seed funding to get us started.

What do you need?

We are looking for $13,000 equity funding for 20% of the business.

13 000,00 USD

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