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Publication: 14:37, 15.03.2020No. of the advertisement: 1699

Loan for Boutique Hotel


What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

We are looking for an investor / loan lender to buy a building for a small hotel in Spain. Funding to acquire an established and functioning tourist complex. It is a well managed complex that has been in operation since 2009 with 12 rooms that can accommodate 28 guests. It is a popular destination for business and family trips and loved by adventure travelers. It is also popular for weddings and birthday celebrations and has a total capacity of 50 guests.

How should the idea/business earn money?

After raising capital, we transform brand resorts with a new name "Addi Boutique Hotel and will host customers mainly from all of Scandinavia, targeting business customers, event groups and a large team of guests. Large groups will generate high incomes for a economical price compared to solo guest service. The accommodation has indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, mini golf, badminton, basketball. - Installation: large industrial kitchen, professional bar. It has a small casino area that can be converted into a movie theater or disco. Since the site has an indoor pool, we are planning a spa and wellness in 2021 where we can accommodate guests from the surrounding area. In addition, the accommodation is attractive all year round, 365 days a year, which is a huge plus.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

The house today functions as a really good business with "only" the rental of the house itself. But with our project, it will be even better investment because we can get the company to a larger volume with our initiatives and initiatives, with b2b and group travel. And with our initiative with "SPA & WELNESS" in the year 2021.

What do you need?

We need a total of ? 2,400,000 in capital for the purchase of the house, which is inclusive for the notary and establishment of the company. SL. And eccentric on loan fee. The property's selling price, including all inventory: ? 1,980,000. We can only find a 50% loan, ? 1,200,000, so we can borrow the other 50% from a Spanish mortgage bank.

2 800 000,00 USD

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