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Publication: 17:01, 01.03.2020No. of the advertisement: 1530

Investors for Lola's Sweet Little Things

Benigno Aquino Street, Pagadian City, Philippines

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

I have a small bakery which sells cakes and pastries on an everyday basis. I do also cater dessert buffets on private functions. Bakery is a business that provides pastry and custom cakes to customers. Types of pastry include cakes for all occasions, cupcakes, bread, pies, donuts and other types of pastries.

How should the idea/business earn money?

Bakery prices and sells its baked goods to customers. Goods are usually priced at a higher percentage than it cost the bakery to make them. A higher sales volume equals more money for the bakery. A bakery profits when the sales of goods exceed the manufacturing costs.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

I've been in the business for about 3 years.

What do you need?

I'm looking for investors to invest in my bakery since I'm planning to expand my business and open several outlets and Bakeries.

20 000,00 USD

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