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Publication: 00:45, 17.11.2019No. of the advertisement: 400

I am looking for an investor interested in the production of certified organic food.

Szczecin, Poland

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

For 37 years I have been running a trade and production company in the food industry. Since 2000 I have been developing and still developing the subject of certified organic production. My company obtained the ecological certificate in 2004 when the BIO market in Poland was still in its infancy. At that time it was enough to produce products on a small scale to be noticed. Our company was based mainly on craft bakery and confectionery production and in trade on good cooperation with similar entities in the industry, both producers and recipients of goods. We have developed many interesting products and gained experience in various channels of distribution of BIO and traditional goods in the country and abroad. Currently, the barrier to our development is too small (in relation to the market needs) scale of our production and at the same time too high cost of handicraft products. This problem was partially solved by positioning our products as handicrafts sold in Germany (the company is only 10 km from the German border), but the rapidly growing wages and difficulties in the labor market indicate other solutions based on the mechanization of production. As the only owners, me and my wife have already reached retirement age and we are not motivated to make further significant investments, especially since we lack successors to run the company. Therefore, we are looking for a person or persons interested in investing in the industry with the possible use of our many years of experience and connections. For our part, we declare our assistance in taking over and continuing the project, of course, within the limits of our physical capabilities. We expect reliable and fair proposals without imposing preliminary conditions on the interested parties.

How should the idea/business earn money?

At present, we produce more than two hundred natural and BIO certified products and distribute them in six distribution channels. Through the largest distributor of organic products in Poland - BIO-Planet, our products are sold throughout the country. We supply dozens of shops directly from our company, mainly small ones, because we do not have sufficient production capacity for large players. The market of BIO products is growing by several percent annually and more and more this growth is taking place through large players. Most of our products are products of first need, sought after on the market. With an appropriate scale of production - including production costs - of good quality and appropriate marketing, profits are guaranteed, especially as we have a lot of inquiries from abroad.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

The company is with traditions and the beginnings are 1963. We have a good reputation and our products are valued. We work every day on three shifts to satisfy our customers. We have our own buildings, also those that can be quickly adapted for larger production. Return on investment can be almost immediate depending on the decision in which segment of activity to invest in the first place, and the ready-made proposals can be a dozen or so. With such a dynamically developing market of BIO and natural products, the upper limit of the investment is difficult to overestimate.

What do you need?

We need some rest with the conviction that our long-term work had some sense and was useful to someone. I mean customers, employees and future leaders of the project.

400 000,00 USD

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