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Publication: 02:12, 04.03.2020No. of the advertisement: 1546

Film Company Investment Opportunity

Grace Street, Mansfield, United States

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

I'll keep this short as I understand that you are very busy. I have wonderful opportunity to attach several "A" list actors and a named Director to my projects But I need your help. This kind of opportunity does not come around very often. IF you are looking for a unicorn here it is. What I'm Looking for : $1 million as an investment for the slate, allocated as follows: ?$180k used per film for Development. For 5 films a year. The 1 million total investment would be a rolling investment with $180 being put back into Escrow with the tax rebates and incentives. This is also Tax code 181 acceptable. With IRS Section 181, investments in film with budgets below $15,000,000 are 100% tax deductible for revenue. We are involved in some high profile projects which present lucrative opportunities for serious investors and individuals looking to gain tax deductions.

How should the idea/business earn money?

How do I explain my specific area of expertise? There are no experts for the business model that we are attempting. Let me explain. We are opening a market area that is for the most part unexplored in the film industry. Most production companies go in search of talent or wait for talent to be submitted to them. By combining our publishing house with our film production? we are killing two birds with one stone. Where to get interesting, relevant material and how to get it fast and for less. By having in house authors who write fresh material that appeals to the current market trends; and by this I mean we research to know what people are wanting to watch and what will do well in the theaters, we don?t have to worry about a shortage from a creative standpoint. By having my publishing house attached to my production company, one lends itself to the other, cutting costs and time. As a creative mind and at the forefront of this business model, I don?t see the world in straight lines. I am an author and have a board of directors who are not only successful authors in their own right, but talented in many aspects of business. Over half are entrepreneurs with successful businesses of their own in addition to being involved in this business venture. Expertise cannot always be drawn in a straight line, and for this model it is good that I?ve employed out of the box thinkers like myself? individuals who see squizzles instead of the straight lines most business models follow. In keeping with thinking outside of the box, I see looming problems within the future land of movies and TV. The studios have already proven time and time again that they are running out of brilliant ideas. Their weary attempts at reusing the same tired reworked ideas that were successful a decade or two ago, just aren?t capturing the interests of audiences when they?re rebooted. My company is already working this problem and offers creative, relevant content. So, when I am asked about my relevant expertise, I don?t just bring the hats of author, entrepreneur, financier and marketing to the table, but also mindful awareness that although films are being made, there?s a better way to make them. I look forward to working with you.rom ticket sales and merchandise

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

We have the first 40k in for our first film. that one has a total budget of 16 million. We have two named actors attached. We are working on three films at this moment.e are currently in development of 4 films

What do you need?

I have a few things going on. Which is I'm looking at long term investor instead of a investor of a single film. However, I'm open to either. Film one that need to move quickly on because it was on my slate. Then was taken off and was just given back to me since actors are attached. That one film alone I need $500k. If looking at it from a single film I can do 3% equity that would include merchandising minus book sales. But I have three other films that I need a total of $500k for. With this it would be divided between the three. $170K toward ?The Fallen of Lite and Darke? $165K toward ?Call Sign Ghost? $165K toward ?Captive Heart? With 1% equity in each If doing single films. However, If I have a long term investor Who is willing to do up to 5 films a year With $180k per film. For a min of 20 films. And this can be done with reinvestment of funds from other films so that its revolving. I'm willing to do 20% equity in the company for 5 years. All budgets are above 10 million. --

1 000 000,00 USD

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