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Publication: 12:16, 06.02.2020No. of the advertisement: 1111

Exclusive ecommerce and Retail opportunity with well-known worldwide brand

Oosterland Avenue, Johannesburg, South Africa

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

We have been offered exclusive distribution rights in the territory of South Africa to bring a top powerlifting/ fitness brand to South Africa. One of the biggest brand in the industry. Every athlete knows it, every athlete wants it! The Business: The business would have 100% exclusivity in South Africa to distribution/ sell the brand. Products would be readily available for athletes to purchase online, in store or at IPF events By having the product readily available in the country for athletes to purchase, we solving a number of problems: 1. Custom delays on customer orders 2. Saving the customer shipping costs 3. Providing the powerlifting athletes of South Africa, a recognized brand throughout the industry. The Market: The Powerlifting/ Strongman industry is huge in South Africa. An underestimated industry. The market is huge ranging from teens to seniors Target market is everyone person that picks up a bar and needs that extra support from belts to grip shirts, strips etc. All powerlifting/ strongman gyms as well as your general athlete. Our only competition would another brand currently in the country however only on selected items. My Partner is the Number 1 Powerlifting in South Africa. We saw an opportunity to bring this brand into the country. Progress/Proof: This brand is an established brand throughout Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. They are only missing USA and South Africa. The products are already finished and well known in the industry. We have done some market research and the market is huge have majority of the feedback is that we need this brand in South Africa. We have the entire Powerliftng and Strongman community behind us and waiting in anticipation. We have had the meetings with the Founders of the brand and we have been given the green light above all other applicates. With our knowledge of retail and the industry they believe we are best suited for the brand. With the backing of an investor we can make it a reality Objectives/Future Short term goals: 1. Get the funding to get the stock and website sorted out 2. Be at every IPF event 3. Be the top selling Powerlifting/strongman brand in South Africa 4. Open up a shop in Johannesburg Long Term: 1. Open up a shop in every province and be the sponsored brand at every event. Stores and products and all high performance training centres

How should the idea/business earn money?

The brand is well established in the industry. These products are IPF approved Athletes swear by them Extremely positive feedback from the industry Green light for exclusive distribution in South Africa Sales generated from the following avenues - Athletes - Gyms - At all International/national Powerlifting Events - Online - Social media

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

Just need to sign the exclusive Distribution contract. All Agreements are in place and products are ready to be ordered from supplier. Just need to get funding for the intial start up - Website - First Product order and import costs - Marketing and social media setup

What do you need?

Looking for funding or partnership Seeking an investment of up to R500 000

40 000,00 USD

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