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Publication: 17:55, 08.01.2020No. of the advertisement: 576

Electronic Catalogue and Delivery Platform Company

Kimathi Way, Nyeri, Kenia

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

Nova is an electronic catalogue platform and delivery service for retailers and SMEs, who power base of the pyramid consumers in the developing world .By leveraging mobile technology and penetration, the effective mobile money transfer in Kenya, in addition to a very robust and unique sales and marketing technique, we have an efficient proven model in servicing the end user and consumer in the rural and peri urban areas.We have tailored our company into a combination of Amazon ,Uber and DHL for an African Context, Market and target.

How should the idea/business earn money?

With an estimated 1,200,000 SME's and 500,000 small scale retailers in the rural and peri -urban areas, 100% mobile phone access and 70% internet penetration in Kenya ,access to a very efficient mobile money transfer system in M-Pesa and an estimated stock expenditure averaged at 500$ per month per retailer /SME, we have a vibrant and very potential target market with a 500,000 SMEs and 100,000 institutions client base and potential to grow across East Africa in Five years. Our business model fetches profits from 1.Profits on goods supplied through our platform and delivery to those SMEs and Small Scale retailers sourcing from manufacturers and directly to retailer acting as Distribution, Supply and Wholesalers and retaining 25% of such revenues 2. Advertisements and Research for manufacturers seeking to reach those SMEs who are largely in the informal sector but productive. 3.Providing a platform for lenders to reach our client base and earn revenues through commissions on loans provided. 4.Providing a platform for farmers to deliver and supply fresh produce to their clients at a fee through our platform. 5.Revenues on commission for goods and supplies to institutional clients like schools,hotels and hospitals at a fee for the platform. The company projects profitability in the first 18 months and projected to be worth 300,000,000$ in Five Years. We are projecting a Seed round in 20 months at a 50,000,000$ valuation and an IPO by our 8th Financial Year.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

We at Nova have a proven financial and operational plan and established systems,platforms,research and test piloted the project.We've built a robust team with vast knowledge in Data Analysis, E-commerce, Warehousing and Logistics ,Sales and marketing, SMEs and Tech with a plan to execute and implement within 90 days of capital injection.

What do you need?

We are seeking investment and a Loan into our startup in the tune of 350,000$ structured as a 100,000$ loan at 20% interest to be paid in 18 months and 250,000$ in exchange of 25% of our company with a 5% advisory shares with a buy back option of 10% in 5 Years at a 20% discount on the valuation at the time of buying back .(Email and ).

350 000,00 USD

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