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Publication: 17:26, 03.03.2020No. of the advertisement: 1541

Double your Investment capital in 6months

Meiran Road, Lagos, Nigeria

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

My name is Sheriff Olawoyin, from Nigeria, Africa's largest economy. My project is an online gaming network soon to be the largest gaming network the world has ever seen and the highest earning company in the world. The game enables players from all over Nigeria to compete and win REAL instant cash money and get paid all within 2mins. Players can win an average of $50 on a daily basis, there are no loosers in the game. Nigeria has over 60% living below $1 per day. My 24hours online gaming network will change that statistics and become a major tool to poverty eradication in Nigeria, Africa and the World at a larger scale. My gaming network is designed to combine entertainment with reality, making players get rewarded for passion at the comfort of their homes or offices.

How should the idea/business earn money?

All stakes prices are fixed. The gaming network is designed to penetrate all available existing businesses and Industries in the world by partnership that benefits both parties turning an annual company sales record into a monthly profit returns. E.g my game will turn the real esatate Industry into a daily income selling Industry, thereby boosting economic growth and development with very minimal marketing. There are over 80million Nigerians surfing the internet on a daily basis via internet enabled devices and the number keeps growing daily. Everyone of those 80million Nigerians, earn lower than $10 daily, while an average player on my game stands to earn $50 daily. On Febuary 22nd, 2020. I kicked started a whatsapp group prototype version of my idea with 22players sourced randomly on the internet with a total investmet budget of $27. Profit inflow started on the first day as i record a daily income of 1% of my total investment capital daily. This means that in 100days (3months and 10days) total investment capital of $27 will be recovered 100%. In 200days (6months and 20days), total investment capital will be doubled, even at the prototype level on whatsapp. My project make profits through the followings: 1) 20% cut tips per wins 2)Official partnerships deals 3) Transaction rate charges and interest. 4) In Ads links placements. 5) Currency exchange rates

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

The idea is at a whatsapp group prototype version stage, aimed at test running. And so far, it is earning a lowest minimum income of 1% daily with a total of 22players and 9-10active players. The game has an online social media presence with over 200followers on Facebook page within a week and a budget of $27. With adequate financial investment capital, the whatsapp group will continue to grow in population and income continue to flourish daily while an automated mobile app is built with investment capital and a formal establishment is processed.

What do you need?

I am looking for an investor with a minimum investment capital of $30, 000, to earn double investment capital in 6months ($60, 000). My project is a massive success from the group feedbacks and players reactions on a daily. The more players active on the game winning daily, the more profits income.

30 000,00 USD

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