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Publication: 17:28, 28.02.2020No. of the advertisement: 1507

Creating Unique Virtual Classroom

Singhia Bujurg South, India

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

Hello Without wasting a single second lets come to the point. I am an engineer and worked with some company, but didn't get satisfaction. So i started thinking about some change, then i got an idea. Here in India in education sector lots of issue is there so i got the solution. I an going to make a virtual classroom as well as lab room where students from kids class to Intermediate can learn the subjects online with time flexablity. Now i am telling you my complete plan, so lets begin from kids class, here in kids classroom they learn alphabet, counting, tables, Hindi or like this, but on my website if a kid wants to learn alphabet then website will teach him alphabet with pronunciation, here once computer will say 'A' then it will take a break and kids have to pronounce same, during pronunciatioon computer will record his voice and will match it, it both are same that means kid learned successfully, now he will jump to 'B'. same process will happen while learning Hindi, counting or tables. If poem is there then firstly computer will speak that line by line with break and kid will repeat, if its well computer will say next tine otherwise it will be repeated till correct pronunciation. Now lets discuss about 1st stander here in mathematics computer will teach them addition or subtraction, here student will learn only the they will go to lab section where the digit 0-9 will be there, then if they are learning one digit addition then one blank box will be there then plus sign will be then again box will be then equal to will be there then two boxes will be where student need to fill their result then check button will be there, if its correct then they will move to next sum otherwise they will repeat it. same thing will happen in all subject, here science will be teaches through graphic video, in lab they will do practical. Most important if anyone miss the class then they need to complete them first then only they will go for next. This is my idea. Now this idea is addressing to the students and teachers. One more thing while classroom if someone get doubts then chat section will be there they can ask, and after end of the classroom session answer will be send by back end team who will work 24*7. So this is all about my idea.

How should the idea/business earn money?

Here there are three way to earning. 1. Every click we will get money from google. 2. we will develop an app also and for every download we will get money. 3. And last we will launch membership plan which will be affordable by all class family.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

Here nothing we need to do, we just need to make a website along with android app, then marketing is there. This time its in idea stage but once i will get fund, i will start working to make the website.

What do you need?

In this project i just need money which will be invested to make this website. I have gone for an enquiry about making website cost then i found it will be upto 40000$ - 50000$. Once website will be launch business will be start. I would like to say about return also, here i will give 40% of the profit every month to the investor till when i pay back the total amount. It may take 5-7 years to repay that amount. Finally i would like to say this is all about my concept, hope you will like my idea and my idea will get fund successfully. Thank you

50 000,00 USD

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