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Publication: 06:59, 21.05.2021No. of the advertisement: 3729

Business for sale - stable with a large plot of land

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

I sell business - a stable with a large plot of land, has great potential for the future owner. It is located in a very convenient location - SŁOTWIN - 50 km from Warsaw, Mazowieckie province, near Poczernin. Horse boarding house is located 3 km from route E7, 40 minutes by car from the center of Żoliborz. The property has a total area of 11,19 ha (rectangular shape)

How should the idea/business earn money?

The design of the stables provides for numerous accommodation rooms for many people (omitting the residential building for the owners), giving the comfort of rest also with a larger number of guests. The considerable area of the plot has made it possible to develop the land in a large space between all the buildings. Very many parking spaces - the stable can accommodate for the summer event even several hundred people (the current record was 600 people).

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

All the buildings belonging to the property have been constructed in a very similar style and have similar proportions giving a sense of security and cohesion. All roofs have a 30 degree pitch, the walls of the buildings are white and the tiles are brown. The facility provides unparalleled in Polish conditions standards for the horses in accordance with their physiological and psychological needs. Stable building + barn Utility area: 1234 sq.m., 16 boxes, saddle room, utility room, barn, coach house, garage, social rooms, oil heating Summer stable building (English style) Built of calcareous brick, insulated, 8 boxes - all boxes are equipped with winter cable heating for drinkers Social building Usable area: 242 sqm, - fully equipped - kitchen, bathroom, usable attic for own arrangement, oil heating Summer quartz riding arena Usable area: 2400 sqm, it has a drainage system and lanterns Indoor riding school Useable surface: 1223 sq m Riding ring, diameter 21 mb Residential building Open shell

What do you need?

I am selling a business in an attractive location - a stable with a large plot of land.

1 340 000,00 USD

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