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Build local brewery in Northern Namibia

Ondangwa, Namibia

What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

Build a brewery in Namibia to brew our brand Desert lager currently selling in Namibia in +300 distributors and outlets. We want to participate in the Namibian beer market that has only 2 main commercial brewers. Our concept will allow us to copack and brew for local and regional entrepreneurs in Namibia and SADC region. Industry has annual market cap of +USD 600 million in Namibia alone. We want to acquire 18% market share in our 3 years of operation. Namibia is well positioned as a gateway to rest of African region, hence concept will cater effectively for local markets with positioning of the brewery in Ondangwa Namibia

How should the idea/business earn money?

Our 340ml beer bottles are currently bottled in South Africa as we don't have a local brewery of our own in Namibia. Hence the decision to localize production in Namibia by building local brewery which will improve our profit margins to 36% a bottle on non- returnable packaging. It will also allow us to see 50% GP with returnable packaging in the local market like on Kegs and 750 ml bottles. We have trademarked brands on soft drinks, energy drinks, ciders etc. Investment will pay off immediately via strategic co-packing route in South Africa while we build brewery, hence no grace period will be required as we are already trading our Beer brand Desert Lager in +300 outlets in Namibia alone.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

We already have brand Desert Lager in the local market selling. We have in place business plans and financial projections on building and manufacturing in Namibia. We have already invested on new product development with various beverage portfolios in waiting. We have already invested in distribution, warehousing, retail relationships and initial marketing done +-USD 750 000

What do you need?

We are looking for Option1: a partner(s) to invest USD 20 000 000.00 to build a brewery in Ondangwa Namibia with minimum capacity of 350 000 hl per annum. Capital will also be used as working capital (inventory, marketing & promotion, pre trade expenses etc.) 20 hectares of land reserved by Town council as per our application for land. Provision of 49% - 50% equity to funding partners Option 2: a partner(s) to invest USD 8 000 000.00 to build a brewery in Ondangwa Namibia with minimum capacity of 70 000 hl per annum. (i.e. medium scale plant , toned down and leaner approach to marketing, distribution and warehousing. )

20 000 000,00 USD

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