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Publication: 09:39, 01.01.2020No. of the advertisement: 488

Agric online business


What is your idea / business and to whom is it addressed?

To build an online market place for agricultural products and services. It we deal with both import and exports.

How should the idea/business earn money?

Through sales of various agricultural products and services to various individuals within and outside Ghana. This business will also invest in some vegetable and selected animal.production. The business will be able to bring returns at least by the end of the first year. At least the immediate market which is the Ghanaian market has almost over 30million people and over 30000 businesses who use agric products and services. we also will in our first year put up all the documents needed to start entering the international market.

At what stage is the idea / business at the moment?

The idea has been able to reach the point of the website development for the online shop. We are now in need of funding to put up Warehouses and offices spaces and also get some transportation for goods. We also need funding to at least have an exhibition shop. Funding is also required to start our farms.

What do you need?

We need a partner or a loan for the business. An amount of $100,000 is capable of developing the whole idea into fruition and also to run for the first one year.

100 000,00 USD

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